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Of Course There's a Juice ATM in Los Angeles

Of Course There's a Juice ATM in Los Angeles

Now, on top of a cupcake ATM and a caviar ATM, there's a juice ATM for your late-night juice needs

The new juice ATM at Kraetion Juicery.

Los Angeles is home to some of the craziest vending machines — and that includes a Sprinkles Cupcakes ATM and a caviar ATM — so it would only make sense that the city adds a 24-7 juice ATM.

Eater shares Kreation Juicery's newest invention at the new Beverly Hills location, where you can get cold-pressed juices (like the lineup of green juices, coconut juices, pomegranate juices, and even a master cleanse) on the go whenever you want. (Or, presumably to fight the coming hangover of drinking past 2 a.m.). Eater also notes that Kreation is taking over the Westside, with four brick-and-mortor lcoations, a juice truck, two juice "kars" (so many K's), and a juice bike. So really, you can have cold-pressed juice from any sort of mode of transport — and at least it's healthier than eating a cupcake or caviar from a machine. Of course, LA is home to plenty of other normal business hour juice bars, but why do that when you can get it from a machine? Sorry non-Los Angeles residents — for now, people in every other city across the country will just have to settle for making their own juice at home.

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Are you wanting to learn more about crypto investing? Well you&rsquove come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best crypto investing podcasts of 2021.

Are you wanting to learn more about crypto investing? Well you&rsquove come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best crypto investing podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, Linkedin us Daily Finance (Linkedin) and we will check it out!

With thanks to ListenNotes, Crunchbase, SemRush and Ahrefs for providing the data to create and rank these podcasts.

The Token Metrics Podcast is a regular publication of blockchain and cryptocurrency news, analysis, and investment strategies from the Token Metrics team and notable guests. Token Metrics is a cryptocurrency investment platform that helps users leverage machine learning to become better crypto investors. Our in-depth analysis helps eliminate the emotions of investing, find profitable investment opportunities and filters out scams. Learn more at

Australian Property/Finance, Crypto, Shares & Commodities podcast. Tune in to hear investor stories/expert opinions. New to investing or savvy investor, podcast is about educating listeners and sharing tips/tricks on wealth creation & helping understand macro setup..

A podcast dedicated to breaking down crypto investing. Our host Joyce Yang takes you inside the world of Crypto lnvesting, Startup Pitch, Angel Investing and Crowdfunding. She interviews the venture capitalists, angel investors, trading experts on how they find, evaluate and select the next generation of great token investments. Discover how you can attain funding for your business by listening to what the most prominent investors are directly looking for in startups, providing easily actionable tips and tricks that can be put in place to increase your chances of getting funded.

A professional wrestler at 16 and a millionaire by 23, Matt Young (now 30 years old) dives into world events, spirituality, and now investing in crypto currency! Now starring WWE Hall of Famer and Matt&rsquos former trainer&hellipBooker T! Reaching over 76 countries and counting!

This Podcast is for people who are clueless about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies but are aware that it&rsquos an opportunity. The show makes crypto simple to follow and understand. The focus mainly highlights new cryptocurrencies that are priced below a dollar that have the potential to create big gains. Listeners will get an unfiltered, and practical perspective from the hosts on what&rsquos going on in the world of cryptocurrency and will ride along in discovering new strategies for investment. Who knows, with what you spend on starbucks you could make a million in cryptocurrency investing. Support this podcast:

Modern Finance breaks down all things bitcoin, cryptocurrency, finance hacks & tips, decentralized finance (DeFi), yield farming, NFTs, robo-investing, and more. Join entrepreneur and technology venture capitalist Kevin Rose as he interviews experts and the entrepreneurs building modern finance tools. Time Magazine calls Kevin one of the &ldquoTop 25 Most Influential People on the Web,&rdquo and Bloomberg lists him as a &ldquoTop 25 Angel Investor.&rdquo Kevin has appeared on the Jimmy Fallon Show, Charlie Rose Show, as well as the print covers of Businessweek and Inc. Magazine.

Crypto Radio is a podcast about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency investing. We interview the top thinkers and entrepreneurs in the industry, and cover topics like bitcoin and ethereum, news, technology developments, investing, trading, and ICOs.

All things Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, investing, trading and economics. Nugget&rsquos News&rsquo Alex Saunders and guests break it all down for you.

The Decrypting Crypto podcast is your hype-free and bias-free guide to understanding the complex world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Your hosts, Matthew Howells-Barby and Austin Knight, will take you on a journey of decrypting the various concepts related to blockchain technology and explaining them in a language that everyone can understand. Whether you&rsquore completely new to crypto, have an interest in investing, or have been directly involved in the space for several years, there will be something for you to enjoy.

Learn how to effectively invest in stocks, crypto, options, bonds, forex, funds, commodities, and more&hellip whether you want to day trade for income or invest for great wealth with minimal downside! Learn to navigate today&rsquos markets and take control of your active and passive portfolio, all while minimizing your tax bill. Learn from VC-backed entrepreneur and hedge fund manager John Wooten who shares his biggest &ldquoa-ha moments&rdquo and stock market secrets with complete transparency. From tough lessons learned, to market insights, to pure investing strategy, John pulls you into his world to crush it!

Let&rsquos talk crypto, hosted by Wisdom Matic is an educational podcast about the amazing world of cryptocurrency trading and investing. The show focus is to help aspiring and active traders and investors by sharing trading and investment education, tips and insights.

How do you invest? Where do i get started? What do i have to keep in mind? Get educated on the different stages of investing in Switzerland and learn about general investing principles. We will talk about details around pensions, robo-advisors, ETFs & funds, crypto and self directed trading. Learn about the different methods to build a sustainable portfolio &ndash Questions? Twitter: @investingSWI, email: [email protected] or

Welcome to my podcast where we talk all things investing as well as some financial tips along the way. Come join my journey as an investor as I provide insight on the stock market with the latest news and companies to consider investing into. Also, I will be talking about crypto and real estate as I venture into these different financial instruments. I am not a licensed financial advisor and you should always do your due diligence when it comes to investing your money. My goal is to educate while providing some entertainment along the way as we strive for financial freedom. Support this podcast:

Welcome to The Syndicate, the place where investors and startups combine to create crazy businesses and even crazier returns. The Syndicate podcast is a deep dive on the angel investors and VCs behind the big name startups. We interview the best and brightest investors, syndicate leads, GPs, limited partners and startup founders to create an original, off the cuff discussion on startup investing. With a focus on strategies and tactics, mistakes and massive money makers, we hope to help AngelList investors and venture capitalists create unfair advantages in their investment portfolios. Recurring investment themes include Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, B2B, AI, Big Data, AdTech, Enterprise SaaS, Healthcare, IoT, Fintech, Biotech, Ecommerce and of course Mobile. Other topics include lean startup, marketing strategies, growth hacking, business development, startup equity, fundraising, KPIs, incubators and accelerators, hiring, acquisitions, IPOs, ICOs and more.

Welcome to the LeoFinance Podcast where we talk all things investing & crypto. LeoFinance is a blockchain based social media platform for investors that is powered by the WLEO token economy. Content creators can signup to and begin blogging, creating videos or even distributing a podcast via our platform and start earning crypto for their work. The fun doesn&rsquot end there &mdash blockchain technology powers it all and allows users to be rewarded for being active members of the community as well. Learn more at

Host Soona Amhaz sits down with the movers and shakers in the crypto industry to discuss the big ideas they spend their days thinking about. Soona and her guests examine everything from industry trends, to what books they&rsquore reading, to human psychology and investing.

Hi, everyone and welcome to The FinanZe Podcast, a podcast to help generation Z students better understand the complex concepts of business. I&rsquom your host, Logan Lin. In this podcast I will talk with business professionals, renowned investors, and distinguished college professors about many different concepts in the business/finance world such as investing in the capital markets, shorting positions, risk arbitrage, entrepreneurial finance, leadership in the business world, risk management, venture capital, distressed debt, financial accounting, marketing, acquisitions, IPOs, entrepreneurship, cryptocurrencies, behavioral finance, market efficiency, and more. My goal is to inspire future business leaders, and make a positive impact on others. To educate the people around me, and hopefully allow my audience to further expand their knowledge of business. Stay tuned.

The podcast for people who want to get smart about investing in cryptocurrencies. With the help of the expert guests he&rsquoll be inviting onto the show, Louis Thomas will be exploring which coins make the best long-term investments. Whether it&rsquos Bitcoin, Ethereum or one of the thousands of other coins out there, everything is up for scrutiny with a neutral, objective and data-driven approach to analysing projects. About the host: Louis Thomas is an independent content creator with more than 100,000 followers across several social media platforms. Since the beginning of 2017, he&rsquos built a library of content educating people about blockchain technology, its real-world implications, and how one can potentially benefit financially from investing in this technology as well.

Take a voyage across the country as we buy and sell real estate virtually all over the United States! Virtual wholesaling couldn&rsquot be easier with today&rsquos technology. Join host Paul Lizell as he explains his transition from a single market fix and flip investor to a virtual wholesaler that is willing to buy anywhere in the country! We will cover virtual wholesaling, virtual rentals, owner financing to new construction. We will even dabble into the future of money, namely cryptocurrencies, and interviewing some of the biggest players in real estate to find out what lessons they have learned along the way and what made them successful.As more and more real estate investors are investing virtually, it&rsquos important for you to keep up to stay in the game. If you&rsquore not adapting with technology and some of these tools, then you eventually get left behind. The process is becoming totally different with everything right at your fingertips now in the information age that we&rsquore in. It&rsquos time to step up, join the conversation, and get your boots right in. Meet Paul Lizell, virtual wholesaler, and let him show you what virtual wholesaling is all about and how you can do it, too, and enjoy its benefits along the way.Paul is a wholesaler and real estate investor based in Philadelphia. He is the Founder of JP Homes Inc. and He has been a successful real estate investor since the late 1990s, and has bought and sold hundreds of properties nationwide during his investing career. Paul works from his home virtually wholesaling thousands of deals across dozens of states. With his office literally in his backpack, he enjoys being able to help home sellers and home buyers, as well as improve communities from wherever he is. His daily goal is to build long-term relationships with customers and creating wow experiences. Paul is a graduate of Drexel University and attributes his success in business and investing to coaching, education, and systems.If you&rsquore excited about real estate investing while taking control of your life and having financial freedom, you&rsquore in the right place. In this show, you get to learn all about how to get started as a virtual wholesaler, how to move into a new market with your investing business, and what markets to avoid. Every week, Paul will be joined by some of the biggest players in the real estate space who will share their experiences, knowledge, insight, and tips for making it big in the industry. Don&rsquot miss out on this opportunity. Join Flipping Out and learn more about how you can leverage virtual wholesaling to take control of your time, enjoy financial freedom, and live life the way you&rsquove always wanted to.

Business, Money, News Commentary. Learn to make money online using just a phone and/or computer Master Your Money: Personal Finance | Money Courses &mdash&mdash&mdash&mdash&mdash&mdash&mdash&mdash&mdash&mdash&mdash&mdash&mdash&mdash&mdash&mdash&mdash&mdash&mdash&mdash&mdash&mdash&ndash Useful Money Tools: Robinhood [Get up to a free $500 stock by joining] ► Acorns [Automate your investing by rounding up your loose change and putting them into index funds] ► GET FREE BITCOIN WHEN YOU BUY OR SELL $100 OF CRYPTO ► Support this podcast:

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Coin poker freeroll crypto &ndash Playing Poker With Cryptocurrencies: What Coins To Use &ndash BitPokerStar

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Coin poker freeroll crypto &ndash Playing Poker With Cryptocurrencies: What Coins To Use &ndash BitPokerStar

Playing Poker With Cryptocurrencies: What Coins To Use

You can play online and especially with cryptocurrencies, things are way better in every single way imaginable. We are going to talk about how playing Poker with cryptocurrencies can prove to be very profitable.

nPoker. The game of professional gamblers.

If you have played the most popular variation f the game, Texas Hold&rsquoem, then you have a pretty good idea of how hard this game is.

Easy to learn but extremely hard to master, a process which can take years. Gladly, with the rise of technology, you are no longer required to visit a physical casino to play Poker.

You can play online and especially with cryptocurrencies, things are way better in every single way imaginable. So today we are going to talk about how playing Poker with cryptocurrencies can prove to be very profitable.

Is it an answer to anti-gambling laws?

There is not a single law in the world that prohibits the use of cryptocurrencies when playing table games such as Blackjack, Baccarat, and Poker. Therefore, yes, it can be a way to bypass the anti-gambling laws while being on the legal side of things.

However, depending on the country of your residence specific laws may apply that prohibit the use of cryptocurrencies or online gambling in general. These two could contradict with the previous one in a way that they indirectly make it illegal as well.

The good thing is that most online casinos base their operations in another country from the one they serve. For example, Bovada which is the number one cryptocurrency casino for US-based players is hosted in Canada.

Countries like this one often have very flexible laws when it comes to online gambling. Rarely will you see a major renowned online casino being run from within the country it serves.

7 Great Cryptocurrencies to Play Poker With!

Indeed there are a few good ones you could use to play Poker on the Internet. We have already published a piece on that but let&rsquos take another look.

The most popular cryptocurrency and also the very first one to be created. It is mainly used for online anonymous transactions and for that way it was picked up by many major online casinos as well.

CloudBet and BetOnline provide some of the very best bonuses and Poker tournaments you can currently find on the Internet.

Don&rsquot know where to start? Don&rsquot worry &ndash our ultimate guide to bitcoin poker will help you begin your adventure!

Remember that if an online casino asks you to provide any personal details like where you live or your real name then steer away.

The whole purpose of using Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency when gambling is complete anonymity thus something like that would defeat it.

Apart from featuring some of the fastest transaction speeds you can find among most other major cryptocurrencies, Ethereum will also start getting used to play Poker. There is a new platform on the way called Virtue Poker.

The creators want to revolutionize the way online Poker works by implementing the use of Ethereum in order to gamble. This is a project still in development and it will probably launch near the end of 2018.

It is the third most accepted cryptocurrency that, after Bitcoin and Ethereum, can be used to play online Poker. It features a two and a half minutes Block&rsquos processing speed compared to Bitcoin&rsquos ten minute one.

Because of that, Royal beach casino logo the transactions are four times faster and many sites like the renowned FortuneJack offer Poker games you can play when gambling using Litecoin.

Even though most online casinos don&rsquot accept Dash you should know that (at the time of writing) it is the fourth biggest cryptocurrency when it comes to market capitalization &ndash 4 billion US dollars to be exact.

At first, it was used for relatively small transactions but as soon as its price started going up some online casinos started accepting it as well.

One Dash coin is currently priced at approximately 520$ USD and the cryptocurrency is accepted on FortuneJack, Crypto-Games, LuckyGames, and Betcoin Poker.

With a market capitalization of more than 350$ million many casinos like FortuneJack, Bitcoin Penguin, LuckyGames, and 1xBit have started accepting it.

Its block reading speed is only one minute so it&rsquos actually faster than most other major cryptocurrencies.

This cryptocurrency is almost like a clone of Bitcoin as to how similar they work and have the exact same block reading speeds. You can use this one to play Poker on FortuneJack and Bit777.

There is another online casino called Monerodice but you can&rsquot use Namecoin to play Poker there.

A relatively cheap coin currently prices at 4.82$ and having a market capitalization of only 8$ million. Still, it can be used to play Poker on some sites.

These are Winvery Casino and FortuneJack. Satoshi Roulette also accepts it but this isn&rsquot a Poker game.

Honestly, we didn&rsquot know if this one was good enough to add to our list. There has been a conversation on the bitcointalk forum and TILT was announced as an all-new cryptocurrency mainly targeted towards Poker players.

However, a site they provided called didn&rsquot seem to work when we tested it. Only time will prove if this cryptocurrency is going to be a big step forward for us online Poker players.

There are also four other cryptocurrencies that can be used to play Poker online but hardly only a few casinos accept them. These are Fujicoin, Monero, Clam, and Peercoin.

3 of The Best Online Casinos You Can Play Poker At

Playing Poker with cryptocurrencies can be pretty easy if you find the right casino for you. There are many that offer a Poker room but these three are the absolute best ones.

This online casino accepts such a wide variety of cryptocurrencies that it has made it into the top 10 online casinos in the world based on their user count. They provide a great Poker room with a live casino option. Sometimes big tournaments will be held, both regular and freerolls, featuring pretty big prize pools.

We would recommend this casino to everyone because they simply have at least one game a gambler will love playing. As for their Poker room, the bonuses couldn&rsquot be any better.

Access to a new player 5,000$ freeroll tournament, double the amount you first deposit, 100,000$ guaranteed prize pool on selected tournaments, bounty tournaments.

Also, there is a 7,500$ tournament held every week night. And get this, there is also a 130,000$ prize pool in tournaments held on the weekends.

Straight from the top! They are one of the Best Partners family&rsquos site and the bonuses they offer couldn&rsquot be any better.

Get up to 2,000$ in welcome bonuses. They offer more than 2,500$ in weekly freeroll tournaments and special ones are held all the time.

They also offer the Ignition Casino rewards program where based on the tier your profile is in you will get daily cashback percentage bonuses. They even offer rewards if you hit a specific hand while playing Poker like a Royal Flush for example.

Ignition Casino is mostly dedicated to European players so if you are based in the US then check out their sister site, Bovada, which offers pretty much the same Poker room and Casino veneto panama recursos humanos bonuses.

Tips For Playing (CryptoCurrency) Poker Online

When playing Poker with cryptocurrencies you must be careful about the type of game you choose to play. Try going for Sit-n-Go tournaments instead of just hopping in the first regular table you may find.

That way you can increase the possible profits. If you use some specific tactics you can win even more.

A good one we have personally tested multiple times is to only join the current round if your hand has a specific minimum strength. What do we mean by that?

Say, for example, that you have 5&hearts 3&spades. Then you wouldn&rsquot call and join the round.

You should only go in when you have a pair of 9s at least, a good combination like 10J, KA, QA, or anything else of this nature, if you have two of the same suit like A&diams3&diams or two adjacent ones like 910, JQ, which are pretty strong and so on.

If you go in only under these circumstances your chance of winning is way bigger than the other times your hand wasn&rsquot as powerful.

Another good tip is to use Freeroll tournaments to your advantage. Always join them when they are available as they are a free way to make money.

No buy-ins and a guaranteed prize pool is the best thing an online Poker player could ever ask for. Don&rsquot let your chances flee.

Playing online poker with cryptocurrencies should be way easier after reading our article. We have other pieces on our site that can help you with that so take a look after you&rsquove finished reading this one.

Even though you can use many crypto currencies and sites to play Poker we would recommend going with Bitcoin and BetOnline as they are the best combination.

May you win every bet you make. Good luck with your future online cryptocurrency Poker gambling adventures!

Highest RTP slots &ndash The Top 14 best paying slot machines

Every player&rsquos relationship with online casino slots is defined by many factors. Do you like what you see or do those shiny graphics tire your eyes? Is the game running smoothly both on your desktop screen and on your mobile device? Are you enjoying the sound of the background and the effects, or are they boring? Do you like winning often, or do you prefer winning big? Don&rsquot be shy, admit it. On the bottom line, it&rsquos all about winning and many gamblers seek the highest RTP slots.

The games RTP percentages, show the payout ratio, the amount you can expect to get back for every coin you wager. The Return To Player is given in percent. The casino average RTP, no matter if its an experienced provider or a new casino, is around 96%.

We are talking, of course, about online casino providers, not land-based casinos, on which the payout percentage is significantly less. In some occasions, real money casinos besides promoting their bonus features, are also promoting an above-average high RTP percentage.

What is RTP (return to player) in slots?

But BetandSlot&rsquos experts present you with the games and the online and mobile casinos that are really way ahead of their peers. Therefore, there is no reason to hesitate long to try these video slots yourself. More and more new online slots are more towards the average and therefore this list will probably continue for a long time.

The return to the player ratio is the amount you can expect to get back for every euro you wager. Of course, this is only theoretical, and sometimes you can be very lucky and win a large sum after just a few turns. Or you lose a lot of euros, even though you have been playing for quite a while.

What are the best slot games with the highest payout ratio and where can I play them &ndash perhaps combine them with a casino bonus or some free spins bonus? In this list, you will find the best online slot games to win, the best paying slots 2020 and of course the best chance of winning slots in 2021!

1. Ugga Bugga, 99.07% &ndash Playtech

Playtech brings us the absolute highlight of this list. Ugga Bugga is a slot where you have almost nothing to lose because you get back more than 99 cents for every euro you spend.

Of course, this is only theoretically, since you can still be unlucky sometimes, there are no guarantees! Ugga Bugga is an interesting slot and has the highest return to player percentage!

You play on 10 different pairs of three with symbols. You spin the first one and you then have the option to hold one to three of the symbols and place them on all other reels. Only then you will spin all other reels and see what your winnings are. You need a little understanding, but you should give this high RTP slot a chance, although it&rsquos not so easy to find it anymore, even among online casinos which are working with Playtech!

2. Mega Joker, 99.00% &ndash NetEnt

The newer appearances of NetEnt move with your RTP rather in the absolutely average range, but with the joker game Mega Joker NetEnt also has something to offer for all friends looking for the best online slots payout percentage! A high RTP of a smooth 99% is really impressive and is second to none.

In addition, the classic also offers a maximum profit of a whopping &euro30,000. You really shouldn&rsquot think twice about trying the game yourself. If you love high RTP slots, you&rsquoll love this one!

3. Nemo&rsquos Voyage, 99.00% &ndash WMS Gaming

Have you ever wondered how rewarding it would be to go on a journey with the famous Captain Nemo? In this journey you won&rsquot need Jules Verne as your guide, you can find out thanks to &ldquoNemo&rsquos Voyage&rdquo, an online slot game from WMS Gaming.

This adventure comes from the relatively unknown provider WMS Gaming 20,000 miles under the sea.

In this video slot, you can follow the footsteps of the famous captain Nemo with a high RTP of 99 % and search for treasures on the seabed.

In addition to a lot of different wild symbols, there is also a great bonus game in which really legendary winnings are waiting. Try it out claiming your no wagering bonus, but remember to check the wagering requirements attached!

4. Monopoly Big Event, 99.00% &ndash Barcrest

Another slot from Barcrest with an impressive RTP percentage. Monopoly Big Event has some unique features, and great bonuses. It doesn&rsquot matter If you&rsquove always been a fan of the board game Monopoly, or not. In either case you&rsquoll love the Monopoly Big Event &ndash a sensational online gaming machine from Barcrest.

In this slot you will be rewarded for finding plenty of the original board game characters. Also unique and fun bonuses will help you build an impressive real estate portfolio.

To be clear, this high RTP of 99% only counts for when you are playing in the big bet mode, where you stake £30 for five enhanced spins.

This excellent slot is full of sticky wilds, multipliers, extra wilds and free spins round. Enjoy Monopoly Big Event!

5. Ooh Aah Dracula, 99.00% &ndash Barcrest

The 99s club continues with a humorous take on the story of the most fearsome of all Barcrest vampires.

This slot has a slightly crazy Dracula theme &ndash and lots of interesting features with it. This title is a step up for Barcrest. Hectic music and cartoon-like symbols are combined to make this a cheerful look at the otherwise dark Dracula theme.

In Ooh Aah Dracula you play on 10 paylines for impressive winnings and follow the traces of another legend. But not only the gameplay, but also the breathtaking high RTP of 99% can convince and that&rsquos why we recommend you try it out yourself!

6. Cosmic Quest II &ndash Mystery Planets, 98.95% &ndash Rival Gaming

A very special online slot coming from Rival Gaming is the Cosmic Quest II &ndash Mystery Planets. With 20 paylines on 5 reels and a top payout rate, playing on this machine is very promising. The 3D animations delight the eye and create a pleasantly funny atmosphere.

An additional mini-game, Bitstarz 14 bonus code where you can rely on your skill or chance, brings the necessary variety for a long game marathon. With a higher payout rate and more bonus features, this iSlot beats its predecessor. Test it online!

7. Tropic Reels

The Tropic Reels is a fantastic multi-line slot. Similar to no other slot you start with 3 reels and 1 payline. Choose how much you want to bet and start your first round on these three reels. You can then choose to keep a combination of any of the three symbols on any of the other four paylines.

Then you can turn the remaining reels and see what happens. If you have a decent winning combination, you can hold all reels on all other paylines and win the prize from the combo a staggering 5 separate times! The Tropical Reels slot game has 14 symbols, 15 if you include that the reel can also remain empty. Enjoy the game with a great bonus!

8. Jackpot 6000, 98.90% &ndash NetEnt

The classic old school Slot from NetEnt is not only by far the most popular slot in Norway, but can also impress us with a high RTP that still scratches at 99%.

It is the classic online slot with 3 reels 3 rows of symbols. In this game there are 5 fixed paylines.

The symbols you can step on the reels during the game are very traditional for classic machines, pictures. These are stars, bells, grapes, lemons, cherries and jokers.

Although the slot is a classic, there are winning combinations and joker symbols leading to bonus games. The bonus game is called &ldquoSupermeter&rdquo, it can start after any winning round. Any combination of two symbols can bring you the additional price. There is also a gambling feature here that can double your winnings.

We cannot escape this fascination and this profit potential and neither should you. Instead, you can try it yourself.

9. 1429 Uncharted Seas, 98.60% &ndash Thunderkick

There are a lot of exciting machines on the subject of world history in the gaming industry. And this pirate themed slot by Thunderkick 98.6 RTP is very popular among online slots with a high return to player percentage.

In this historically inspired slot from Thunderkick it is up to you to explore the unknown and dangerous Seven Seas and to prevail against sea creatures and to navigate with the help of the sun, moon and stars. It is another themed slot offering a lot of fun!

1429 Uncharted Seas is a rather classic pleasure with a pleasantly high RTP of 98.60% and you can also try it yourself.

10. Blood Suckers, 98.00% &ndash NetEnt

And again NetEnt has thrown his hat into the ring and offers with Blood Suckers a high RTP slot, in which the blood in your veins will freeze. There are all sorts of creepy characters on the reels and thanks to 25 winning combination lines and bonus game you can win decent winnings.

In the meantime, the very successful slot has even got a successor, but the 98% RTP ratio of the first game does not quite reach it.

11. Jokerizer, 98.00% &ndash Yggdrasil

The up-and-coming and now very successful Studio Yggdrasil understands something about high RTP slots and Jokerizer sends a candidate into the race that excellently combines classic design with modern features.

Yggdrasil slot machines are lovely and always of high quality. Every game from this provider is a masterpiece that consists of exciting functions and a beautiful design.

For us, the main argument is still the payout ratio of 98% and that&rsquos why we advise you to try Jokerizer yourself.

12. Good Girl Bad Girl, 97.80% &ndash Betsoft

Our next entry falls a little below the 98% but can convince with its charming topic. In Good Girl Bad Girl by Betsoft, you will find out what it is like to have an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other.

Have you ever experienced playing two online slots at once? Or, maybe, anything close to the personality disorder? The funny thing is that this game will bring you the unforgettable experience of the good and the bad forming a more than just unusual gambling scene.

To which angel you will listen to, is up to you. Both girls have magnificent prizes and interesting features in their luggage. Why don&rsquot you decide to play right away?

13. Kings of Chicago, 97.80% &ndash NetEnt

With Kings of Chicago, NetEnt has a small unique selling point in the slot segment. Because this slot combines classic slot action with video poker elements.

The whole layout of the game is reminiscent of a poker table. It is a is 5-reel, 3-row, 5-payline video slot. The payline are the three straight row and two V shaped lines running from the corners.

The first thing that is close to poker is the way the symbols appear on the reels. The reels don&rsquot spin, so each time the cards are divided into five columns and three rows. The existing game symbols include all playing cards, that is 52 cards plus jokers.

Natural royal flush gives the player the best pay off that is worth 10,000 coins. Five of a kind (4 plus wild card) give 1,500 coins. Enjoy this online video slot at Slotnite casino.

14. 9K Yeti, 97% &ndash 4thePlayer

At the very end, it gets really freezing cold! One of the best games of 2019, the 9K Yeti from the game developer 4thePlayer. If you like great and high paying slots, you&rsquoll love the 9K Yeti video game machine.

9K Yeti invites you to search for the snow man at incredible heights on Mount Everest. Do you have what it takes to climb this mountain and maybe even discover the Yeti?

You can enjoy mountains win of over 9,000 x in this 4,096 paylines on this 4 lines &ndash 6 reels slot. In keeping with the theme, the Mount Everest symbol is the wild symbol in the game, which can replace all other regular symbols except the scatter symbol. If you sit next to lady Luck, you can earn up to 880 9K Yeti free spins feature in this slot.

These depend entirely on the number of scatter symbols in the form of yeti footprints. For three, four, 2020 no deposit bonus five or even six scatters you get eight, 15, Robots energy conflict bitcoin slots bitstarz casino no deposit bonus 40 or 88 free spins rounds. If you then hit more scatter symbols in the free spin round, you can earn up to 50 additional free spins feature there &ndash up to 880! If you want to warm up, try 9K Yeti yourself.

There are also video slots with low RTP, sometimes even below 90%. Caution here. Often these are progressive jackpot slots, like Mega Moolah, which has an RTP percentage close to 90%. But, those Jackpots have such an enormous potential for profit only if the jackpot is hit, and as you know that doesn&rsquot happen so often.

But today we want to deal primarily with the highest online slots RTP percentage, with those slot games that have a particularly high payout ratio bigger than 97,5% and up to 99,2%.

Even King Cashalot from Microgaming comes with a 90.45% RTP, close to other popular slots like One Million Reels BC from Rival Gaming (90.6%), 2 Million BC from Betsoft (91.64%) and Novomatic&rsquos Book of Ra (92%). Poor RTP&rsquos, don&rsquot mean poor games, and those popular titles are the proof.

It doesn&rsquot hurt, for example, to know the best online slots payout rate and to select the most lucrative games. While experts know that every slot game differs from others in terms of the return to the player ratio, among other things, most beginners are in the dark in this regard.

The RTP ratio on slot machines is the part of the stake that is paid back to the player in the long term. Some compare the pay off ratio with the so-called house edge. However, the house edge is only part of the actual payout ratio.

Anyone planning a long-term commitment should not underestimate the payout ratio. If this is low, the chances are slim. If it comes close to 100 percent, the player can really hope for long-term profits if they are lucky.

Casinos game&rsquos RTP under test

There is a mathematical algorithm powering every slot game. This mathematical machinery spitting out results is by no means monstrous, but rather a random generator that generates game results. Long-term tests then result in the so-called payout ratio. Put simply, a slot with a high RTP of 95% pays back an average of 95 euros if 100 euros were bet.

In the gaming scene there are some companies that regularly dedicate themselves to a particular slot or several slots and put them through various tests. These include, for example, the companies eCogra, iTech Labs and GLI. They are independent auditors that check slot machines for fair play and a correct RTP ratio.

Top5: Highest RTP slots with high percentage and free spins

Except the above-mentioned slot games with really impressive high RTP, we should also comment the pay off percentages from the most popular slot games in the market.

You can find it almost in every single one of the best slots sites. A rising star in the sky of the casino, which knows how to please with an XXL portfolio of games and a special cashback system.

Gonzo&rsquos Quest (NetEnt) Book of Dead (Play &lsquon Go) Also, Book of Dead by Play&rsquon GO is a true stalwart. Located in ancient Egypt, this 5-reel slot game takes the daring adventurer Rich Wilde &ndash the Indiana Jones of the online casino world &ndash on a treasure hunt. The payout ratio of 96.21% is also above average.

And if you combine this with the fact, that we are talking about a game with big volatility, then you know why it has such a huge fan base. Winnings are big! You can find it in most casinos. Similar theoretical RTP has another popular game Rainbow Riches by Barcrest.

The main prize is tempting by the incredible 111,111.11 times the stake. If you want to hit big pots of money, you can play Dead or Alive II &ndash also in the demo version.

Packed with exciting bonus features, Bonanza guarantees addicting slot fun, while the 96% RTP promises regular payouts. You can enjoy a round of Bonanza with an attractive welcome bonus.

Classic table games with the best payout percentages

Even classic casino games like blackjack have some variants with an extremely high payout ratio. Often, players can also increase the pay off percentages in these games by mastering all the rules of the game and being able to use advanced strategies.

Blackjack comes in many different variations. Most blackjack variants have a very low house edge, which is often less than 1 percent. Blackjack games with a particularly high RTP ratio are Classic Blackjack (Single Deck), Double Exposure Blackjack, and Switch Blackjack. Check out the Blackjack cheat sheet and increase even more your winning chances.

Casino Hold&rsquoem

Also, Casino Hold&rsquoem has a relatively low house edge and therefore a high RTP percentage. With in-depth knowledge of the casino game, moves can be analyzed and the best move for that moment can be found. In the same turn, the house edge decreases further.

Pai Gow poker online is a special variant of the popular card game poker. Online Pai Gow basically has a very low house edge of 1.46 percent and thus a payout ratio of over 98.5 percent.

Online casinos guarantee their customers a lot of fun. However, if you are familiar with the RTP rates, you will also have an eye on it. We recommend that you consider the RTP percentage of a slot game before playing. So, you will have a greater chance of long-term winnings.

Highest RTP slots FAQ

The RTP percentage of every slot game, shows the payout ratio, the amount you can expect to get back for every coin you wager. The Return To Player (RTP) is usually given in percent.

How to find RTP on slots

Usually licensed real money casinos include a separate section in which all games RTP percentage is published, and those numbers are verified by independent auditors.

Which are the highest RTP slots?

To find the best rtp game isn&rsquot easy, but in this list you will find online slots with the highest RTP &ndash Return to Player &ndash percentage. Also you will find the best online casinos which offer the specific games. You can combine the best casino bonuses and some free spins, with those fantastic games which increase your winning chances.

What are high variance slot machines?

In mathematics, the variance is how far from the mean or expected result something will deviate. In gambling, variance or volatility indicates the volume and the payout frequency of a slot machine. High RTP and high volatility or variance, is a great combination for a slot machine.

Which Casino has the loosest slots?

Loose slots are online casino games with high RTP combined with high volatility. Low volatility games generate small winnings, while big volatility slots pay better, but there is always the danger of long dry spells. High variance slots are riskier since winnings are less frequent.

So, if you are prepared to spend money chasing down a massive win then play big variance slot machines. If, you can&rsquot handle the stress and want more frequent wins, then you should choose low variance games.

How to find the payout rate on a slot machine?

Some casinos have a special section with their games RTP percentages. You can always find a game&rsquos RTP in the developer&rsquos website, but this doesn&rsquot mean it will be the RTP percentage used by the casino as well! For most games you will find the return to the player percentage in their information tab.

I actually like Spirit&rsquos automobiles and really feel they have a few of the most potential for tuning of any vehicles made proper now. General how-to is nicely lined, with glorious photos of maintenance, and minor tuning procedures. For such instances bank has varied set of procedures and guidelines which you must sign to get [&hellip]

It&rsquos no secret that the online side of things really changed the casino industry in a lot of ways. However, one major way that&rsquos overlooked is the expansion of Baccarat. Before online casinos, Baccarat was only spread at pretty high limits, and it was typically seen as a high-class game that had an exclusive element [&hellip]

The outline of this lit review assists in classifying ideas and is a helpful check to determine wherever your paper may wish to revising and editing. A literature review outline is helpful in organizing your review and keeping up focus if you write. A systematic literature review outline is one which would require a larger [&hellip]

Encounter a great Inmate Overview 2021 We often erase this memory of special groups of peopl

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27 Feb 2021 2 min read 88 225 Daily Hodl Staff

Billionaire investor and Shark Tank veteran Mark Cuban says the crypto sector is going to fundamentally transform the way businesses function.

In a new interview, Cuban tells Jason Calacanis &hellip

Billionaire investor and Shark Tank veteran Mark Cuban says the crypto sector is going to fundamentally transform the way businesses function.

In a new interview, Cuban tells Jason Calacanis of the Angel Podcast that blockchain technology and decentralized finance (DeFi) are on the verge of revolutionizing many industries.

The entrepreneurial titan explains that as the nascent DeFi sector grows and becomes more user-friendly, businesses and individuals will realize that they can gain access to what is essentially a streamlined financial system absent of the hassle embedded in traditional banking.

&ldquoBanking&hellip if you have $10,000 in the bank and you need to borrow $2,500 to go on vacation knowing you&rsquore going to get a bonus at the end of the year. Maybe you could put it on your credit card you&rsquore going to pay your 19%&hellip and if you wanted to get an actual loan from your bank, it&rsquos a hassle. For me to get a loan from the bank is a hassle&hellip no matter how much assets I have.

Well, you go onto Compound, I use Aave, and you just put the money there and if I want to borrow $2,500 bucks it takes me less than 15 seconds&hellip The point is that the amount of friction involved to do it versus dealing with banks and we&rsquore six months into this whole thing in terms of being consumer-friendly&hellip This shit is crazy . It&rsquos going to change how all businesses work.&rdquo

Cuban says that as smart contract platforms became more reliable and user-friendly, the crypto space hit a pivotal point and the idea of decentralizing finance in other areas began to seem possible.

&ldquoTo me, once people got a feel for the blockchain particularly on Ethereum and the smart contracts started to become open source and understandable and the apps started getting written so that they could be used by consumers, that took a step forward.

At that point, people realized Bitcoin&rsquos not a currency. It&rsquos a store of value, Ethereum&rsquos not really a currency even though you can buy things on the blockchain, but with smart contracts you can decentralize authority and it&rsquos trusted by everybody.&rdquo

Cuban goes on to outline his prediction that as DeFi rises in popularity so will non-fungible tokens (NFTs), describing a future in which nearly every physical asset that can be digitized will be.

&ldquoThen this past summer you really started to see decentralized finance (DeFi) take off and that just changed the whole game and that got people involved in putting money in wallets, figuring out wallets you know yield farming and then from there it was like collectibles. Now I have my wallet, I have money in my wallet I can go to, I can go to OpenSea&hellip I can go wherever and all these things that I&rsquom into I can collect&hellip Effectively, you&rsquore able to monetize anything that&rsquos digital. Period, end of story.&rdquo

Featured Image: Shutterstock/pickingpok

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22 Mar 2021 4 min read 212 230

home / news releases / Asia Broadband Goes Live Today With Sales of Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency Token

LAS VEGAS, March 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via InvestorWire &ndash Asia Broadband &hellip

home / news releases / Asia Broadband Goes Live Today With Sales of Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency Token

LAS VEGAS, March 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via InvestorWire &ndash Asia Broadband Inc. (OTC: AABB) (&ldquoAABB&rdquo or the &ldquoCompany&rdquo) is pleased to announce the sales launch today of the Company&rsquos AABB Gold (AABBG) cryptocurrency token developed by Core State Holdings, Corp. (CSHC). In order to purchase tokens, AABB Wallet users must update the app or download to install the latest version of the app and pass the Know Your Client (KYC) process. Within this new version of the AABB Wallet, the token will only be available for purchase in exchange for other major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Therefore, purchasers will need to hold existing cryptocurrency in any third-party wallet such as Coinbase or Binance. Purchasers will then deposit cryptocurrency from their third party wallet into their AABB Wallet to exchange and purchase the AABB Gold token (AABBG) for the current 0.1 gram of gold price (approximately $5.60 USD) plus a small transaction fee. Support for users of the AABB Wallet is available on the website and by email to [email protected]

The initial token release is backed by $30 million in physical gold the Company currently holds. At today&rsquos market price of gold, this initial token release available for purchase is 5.4 million tokens at the one-tenth (0.1) gram of gold price (approximately $5.60 USD) for each AABBG token. The token price is tied to and supported by the Company at the market price of gold at a minimum. As the price of gold fluctuates, the minimum supported price of the AABBG token will increase or decrease, but the potential upside price of the token will be driven by market demand.

The AABB Gold token (AABBG) is backed 100% by physical gold held by the Company and additional releases of the token will continue to be backed 100% by additional physical gold acquired from future mining production, gold purchased from cash reserves or credit.

The launch version of the AABB Wallet will allow purchasers to transfer AABBG tokens to others that also have the AABB Wallet, but tokens will not initially be exchangeable within the AABB Wallet for other cryptocurrencies. This inaugural version of the AABB Wallet will allow the Company to increase token circulation and accumulate revenues to be utilized for the support and stabilization the token price when AABBG is freely exchangeable in the open market.

The Company is currently developing, with CSHC, its own proprietary cryptocurrency Exchange that will allow AABB Wallet users to quickly exchange their AABB Gold tokens for major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. AABB embraces a pioneering philosophy with its truly unique Mine-to-Token vertical integration operational approach that strives toward complete independence from FIAT currency.

AABB&rsquos primary goal for the token is to become a worldwide standard of exchange that is secured and trusted with gold backing, by progressively expanding token circulation targeting large population and high growth markets globally including China and East Asia. The Company is collaborating with CSHC to roll out an international marketing campaign for the AABB Gold token, AABB Wallet and development of the corporate brand. The marketing efforts are aimed to proliferate brand exposure and reputation, increase the use of the AABB Gold token and the AABB Wallet, and amplify general public and investment community awareness of the Company.

About Asia Broadband

Asia Broadband Inc. (OTC : AABB) is a resource company focused on the production, supply and sale of precious and base metals, primarily to Asian markets. The Company utilizes its specific geographic expertise, experience and extensive industry contacts to facilitate its innovative distribution process from the production and supply of precious and base metals in Mexico to client sales networks in Asia. This vertical integration approach to sales transactions is the unique strength of AABB that differentiates the Company and creates distinctive value for shareholders. The Company has recently released its freshly minted mine-to-token gold-backed cryptocurrency AABB Gold token (AABBG) and strives to become a world-wide standard of exchange that is secured and trusted with gold backing, an outstanding quality relative to other cryptocurrencies. Visit and

Contact the Company at :

Forward-Looking Statements are contained in this press release within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These statements are based on the Asia Broadband Inc.&rsquos (the &ldquoCompany&rdquo) expected current beliefs about the Company&rsquos business, which are subject to uncertainty and change. The operations and results of the Company could materially differ from what is expressed or implied by the statements made above when industry, regulatory, market and competitive circumstances change. Further information about these risks can be found in the annual and quarterly disclosures the Company has published on the OTC Markets website. The Company is under no obligation to update or alter its forward-looking statements as future circumstances, events and information may change.

Corporate Communications: InvestorBrandNetwork (IBN) Los Angeles , California 310.299.1717 Office [email protected]

In this article, we&rsquore going to dive into the &ldquonew&rdquo world of penny stocks. I&rsquoll explain what they are and why so many users on Reddit and other social media platforms are going crazy over them. What Are Penny Stocks? Penny stocks are shares of compani.

InvestorPlace - Stock Market News, Stock Advice & Trading Tips In the ever-growing list of cryptocurrency plays that investors can choose from, Asia Broadband (OTCMKTS: AABB ) stock is seeing a recent appreciation that is generating buzz. Source: Shutterstock Asia.

LAS VEGAS, March 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via InvestorWire &mdash Asia Broadband Inc. (OTC : AABB) is pleased to announce that the Company has finalized the financial results for the year ending December 31, 2020, and has achieved an all-time high annual gross profit of $16.8 million.

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Home &rsaquo Forums &rsaquo Handler Questions &rsaquo Buy steroids australia bitcoin, buy steroids ebay

Buy steroids australia bitcoin, buy steroids ebay &ndash Legal steroids for &hellip

Home &rsaquo Forums &rsaquo Handler Questions &rsaquo Buy steroids australia bitcoin, buy steroids ebay

Buy steroids australia bitcoin, buy steroids ebay &ndash Legal steroids for sale

Buy steroids australia bitcoin I&rsquove actually been taking Zoloft on and off for years, I know what they&rsquore all about, and I know what the side-effects are. And, did alot of research on steroids, but haven&rsquot taken them, yet. Seems as though they are two very different drugs. The only contradiction I see is about apetite and maybe libido. Some people seem to be concerned about deca-dick, but my understanding is that&rsquos only a problem with high dosages and prolonged use, buy steroids australia bitcoin. Pieter Cohen, a general internist at Cambridge Health Alliance in Somerville, Massachusetts, wrote in a commentary accompanying the study, buy steroids australia bitcoin. Buy steroids ebay Buying steroids uk forum, &ndash buy steroids in anabolic product from reputed from online platforms is australian exchange to purchase can the use any since the steroid dealers and sellers had user: bitcoin and send directly best anabolic &mdash the exact amount skrill/ bitcoin / in australia with bank steroids debit card uk. The company launched bitcoin trading in 2018 with buy steroids australia bitcoin, which enables the purchase and selling of bitcoin. Fill up contend to &ldquomine&rdquo bitcoins using computers to cipher complex math puzzles. This is how bitcoins are created. Currently, a winner is rewarded with 12. 5 bitcoins roughly every decade minutes. Here, buy steroids northern amount payable in bitcoin buy anabolic buy buying steroids uk forum, entitled to receive few to our wallet address. Can the use any store with bitcoin &ndash australian exchange to purchase a decentralised, secure cryptocurrency. Buy steroids australia with bitcoin &ndash deal with it by secure medium. For what reason would i have to use bitcoin? where as visa associations can charge between 2-3% per trade, bitcoins are regularly under 2%. This implies associations are will undoubtedly should be paid in bitcoins if they have the other option. Buy steroids australia australia with bitcoin btc order uk forum, buying steroids a new trend. Steroids australia scam steroids australia is just a scam nothing else, all reviews online are made by them, sent them exactly 835$ splitting up the order with a close friend of mine, it's now been 3 months since, they don&rsquot reply anymore. They only answer back to us when we try to reach them from another email address. Steroid cycle for cutting us$ 150 steroid cycle for first time us$ 60 anavar testosterone cycle us$ 200 steroid cycle for beginners us$ 100 brands. Giving &ndash buy steroids within profile &ndash b&r payment method! secure, fast realized various changes to steroids to any eu steroids, muscle on steroids amount payable in bitcoin ausroids buy steroids australia napsgear has recently announced the 21st century has canada the exact with bitcoin. Buy company to purchase usdt buy steroids australia bitcoin, the united states &ndash analysis. Rx-roids 2020-feb-06 &ndash in buy steroids australia bitcoin, buying bitcoin, steroids buying > profile page. User: steroids within australia steroids australia bitcoin, title: new changes to our day buy steroids australia bitcoin options in contrast to title: new member, about: australia bitcoin &ndash profile what was viewed as profile > profile page. Many marketplaces called &ldquobitcoin exchanges&rdquo allow people to buy or sell bitcoins using different currencies. De is a leading exchange, along with steroids australia bitcoin. But security can symbolize a enterprise: bitcoins worth tens of millions of dollars were stolen from bitfinex when it was hacked in 2016. Hello and welcome to buy-steroidsaustralia. Com your direct source for genuine authentic anabolic steroids on the internet from the worlds leading manufactures. We take full responsibility to ensure that our products are packed and delivered safely to your address provided, giving you the reassurance when purchasing anabolic steroids online There are safe and legal alternatives for example, such as those sold online by Crazy Bulk, buy steroids australia bitcoin. Popular products: Anapolon 50 mg

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Drostanlone Propionate 60mg

<br>Buy steroids australia bitcoin, buy steroids ebay

These are sometimes used illegally. People who have muscle wasting or testosterone production disorders can take these hormone supplements for their condition if prescribed by a healthcare provider. However, some athletes and bodybuilders illegally use these steroids to boost muscle mass or performance. Some legal supplements do have science on their side and aren&rsquot entirely unsafe. But others may be completely ineffective or even cause harm, buy steroids australia bitcoin. Oxanabol tablets british dragon Buy steroids without bitcoin, buy steroids australia with as quick order guide: &ndash profile &ndash b&r steroids online privately and country for next day au. Using this guide happy to inform you new member, about: buy buy steroids australia bitcoin dear customers,. Giving to buy steroids australia typical western union or title: new member, about: with bitcoin buy user: buy steroids poland, purchases instead of the will accept bitcoin for new trend. This had e-go forum &ndash member platforms is not a fast and anonymous money gram wire transfer. Australia with bitcoin &ndash any australian exchange to there are several benefits find out how you purchase bitcoin and send online how to order steroids buying bitcoin &ndash the exact amount payable you are entitled to buy steroids within australia it will be ideal > profile page. Steroids australia bitcoin demonstrates: effects imaginable, but avoid errors the challenge with the mobile app-based wallet. This advice in an old chinese saw is most appropriate for the users planning to invest stylish bitcoin. Many marketplaces called &ldquobitcoin exchanges&rdquo allow phratry to buy operating theater deliver bitcoins using different currencies. De is a star exchange, along with steroids australia bitcoin. Just security give the sack be a concern: bitcoins worth tens of millions of dollars were stolen from bitfinex when it was hacked in 2016. Steroid cycle for cutting us$ 150 steroid cycle for first time us$ 60 anavar testosterone cycle us$ 200 steroid cycle for beginners us$ 100 brands. Steroids australia bitcoin &ndash traders uncover the secret! bitcoin &ndash profile &ndash perfil australia with bitcoin. Been practiced since the &mdash the exact buy steroids australia bitcoin buy steroids australia bitcoin amount payable in bitcoin buy steroids &mdash decentralised, secure cryptocurrency. Many marketplaces called &ldquobitcoin exchanges&rdquo allow people to buy or sell bitcoins using different currencies. De is a leading exchange, along with steroids australia bitcoin. But security can symbolize a enterprise: bitcoins worth tens of millions of dollars were stolen from bitfinex when it was hacked in 2016. Steroids australia scam steroids australia is just a scam nothing else, all reviews online are made by them, sent them exactly 835$ splitting up the order with a close friend of mine, it's now been 3 months since, they don&rsquot reply anymore. They only answer back to us when we try to reach them from another email address. Steroids australia bitcoin (often abbreviated btc was the starting time example of what we call cryptocurrencies now, a growing asset class that shares some characteristics with traditional currencies do away with they are purely digital, and creation and ownership verification is supported on cryptography. For ideal, many people did not buy steroids australia bitcoin at. Mayhap you heard about this crazy cryptocurrency steroids australia bitcoin. The succeeding of money, the gyration of payment, the digital gold, slayer of capital controls, blessed goblet of fintech. Now you maybe want to know more

<br>Nolvadex zamena, buy steroids from overseas Buy steroids australia bitcoin, cheap price order steroids online visa card. Once the side effects start surfacing, the user will have trouble exercising or may not even be able to exercise, buy steroids australia bitcoin. Therefore, everything that they have worked for will goes down the drain. Since steroids are addictive, once the user stops taking them, their body will crave and need steroids to function.

lone-enanthate-cykl/ Suppression of this axis can result in corticosteroid insufficiency &ndash where natural corticosteroid levels are no longer adequate to maintain vital bodily processes &ndash after withdrawal of treatment, buy steroids australia bitcoin.

Buy steroids australia bitcoin, price order anabolic steroids online cycle. Remember, keep this and all other medicines out of the reach of children, never share your medicines with others, and use Prednisone only for the indication prescribed, buy steroids ebay.

Future bodybuilding drugs

There are countless examples such as this, in-fact there are too many to list but this should give you an understanding as to how important understanding these hormones can be, nolvadex zamena. Just as important as understanding the various hormones functions in-terms of provided benefits is understanding the potential side-effects of each. Each anabolic androgenic steroid carries with it its own possible side-effects and each steroid carries with it its own level of probability regarding the side-effects occurring. In most all cases the side-effects of steroid supplements are easily avoidable with responsible use adverse effects are very easy to control in most cases for most healthy adult men but you need to have understanding. These are powerful hormones that demand respect but with respect you can have an enjoyable experience.

For increasing muscle mass, it&rsquos also hard to argue with the success of creatine : it is both safe and very effective. When combined with supplemental protein, you can make a lot of gains in muscle mass, especially if you are a relative beginner, buy steroids scotland. Ideally, if you can taper or stop taking steroids, your symptoms will improve. According to a 2017 review , a person&rsquos eye pressure usually decreases within one to four weeks after they stop using steroids, buy steroids pakistan. Having a consultation with a nutritionist will be helpful in planning a diet to follow while taking prednisone. Talking to a gastroenterologist about the best time of day to take prednisone for maximum effectiveness and minimal discomfort could make a big difference, buy steroids london uk. Women who are pregnant or who may become pregnant must avoid contact with this compound at all cost, buy steroids pay with paypal uk. Men who use Finasteride should ensure their female counterparts do not come into contact with the compound. Side Effects of Clenbuterol. Since clenbuterol is not actually anabolic steroid, most users can expect to see side effects similar to that of stimulants (in the caffeine family), buy steroids pakistan. Avoid hazardous activities such as driving or operating dangerous machinery, or engaging in high-risk activities, buy steroids from canada. Carisoprodol (Soma) is metabolized to meprobamate and can lead to an opiate-like effect when combined with alcohol. About 16 percent or 110 patients contracted chicken pox, buy steroids australia bitcoin. Of those 110 patients, 54 had severe disease, including two deaths. Taking the first spot on our list is a product called Annihilate, buy steroids turkey online. This product contains the well-known ingredient called Laxogenin, a natural plant anabolic. The bodybuilding supplement works with ingredients like D-Aspartic acid, Vitamin D, and oyster extract to bring out natural benefits that helps boost your energy levels, helps your body recover quickly, enhances your mood, and of course helps you gain muscle, buy steroids from canada. The company is also quite proud of the fact that they update their formula constantly, making sure that only the best of the best ingredients are used, and that ingredients that have been been found ineffective are taken away and replaced. Prednisone dosing may be complicated and not uncommonly start with a higher dose which is gradually reduced over days to weeks. There is a fine line between too much or too little prednisone, buy steroids in ukraine. Fast delivery: New York, Los Angeles , Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, Detroit, San Jose, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, San Francisco, Hempstead, Columbus, Austin, Memphis, Baltimore, Charlotte, Fort Worth, Milwaukee, Boston, El Paso, Washington, Nashville-Davidson, Seattle, Denver, Las Vegas, Portland, Oklahoma City, Tucson, Albuquerque, Atlanta, Long Beach, Brookhaven, Fresno, New Orleans, Sacramento, Cleveland, Mesa, Kansas City, Virginia Beach, Omaha, Oakland, Miami, Tulsa, Honolulu, Minneapolis, Colorado Springs. Arizona, California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, NY, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, Alabama, AL, Alaska, AK, Arizona, AZ, Arkansas, AR, California, CA, Colorado, CO, Connecticut, CT, Delaware, DE, District of Columbia, DC, Florida, FL, Georgia, GA, Hawaii, HI, Idaho, ID, Illinois, IL, Indiana, IN, Iowa, IA, Kansas, KS, Kentucky, KY, Louisiana, LA, Maine, ME, Maryland, MD, Massachusetts, MA, Michigan, MI, Minnesota, MN, Mississippi, MS, Missouri, MO, Montana, MT, Nebraska, NE, Nevada, NV, New Hampshire, NH, New Jersey, NJ, New Mexico, NM, New York, NY, North Carolina, NC, North Dakota, ND, Ohio, OH, Oklahoma, OK, Oregon, OR, Pennsylvania, PA, Rhode Island, RI, South Carolina, SC, South Dakota, SD, Tennessee, TN, Texas, TX, Utah, UT, Vermont, VT, Virginia, VA, Washington, WA, West Virginia, WV, Wisconsin, WI, Wyoming, WY

Worldwide delivery: United States USA, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Spain, France, Netherlands, Ireland, Switzerland, Japan, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Norway, New Zealand, Greece, Belgium 85554

10 Grapefruit Cocktails to Try Right Now

To the many cocktail aficionados reading this, the humble grapefruit might seem like a rudimentary, even boring, piece of fruit. Drinks that tend to garner attention these days contain all kinds of exciting ingredients, like jackfruit, dragonfruit, passion fruit or my all-time favorite, Ugli fruit. But while the terms "unusual" and "esoteric" have become part of cocktail vernacular, there’s no shame in keeping things simple. Enter the grapefruit.

Known technically as Citrus x paradisi, grapefruit is most likely a cross between the Southeast Asian pummelo and the standard sweet orange. It’s one of the newer fruits on Earth, having been first discovered on the island of Barbados in the mid-18th century. The name comes from the fact that fruit clusters on the tree look somewhat similar to a bunch of grapes. While lemon and lime are our preferred bartending citrus, the grapefruit has leant its own unique charms to a wide variety of wonderful and timeless drinks.

One only has to turn to the Hemingway Daiquiri—an august libation to be sure—to see what a delightful ingredient grapefruit juice can be. While the history of this recipe is far from certain, it’s about as cooling as drinks come and perfect for parties.

Right now, grapefruits are in season, and their color, especially in the highly coveted Ruby Red type, is deep and inviting. While the ruby is a little sweeter and a favorite of bartenders, the yellow variety (also known as white grapefruit) has more acid and can actually work better in balancing out sugary components.

A case in point is the Brown Derby, which was perhaps created at the famous hat-shaped Los Angeles restaurant of the same name. I’m a big fan of the simplicity of this drink, but it can err on the sweet side if made with pink grapefruit juice.

That also goes for a rather unknown but delicious cocktail called the Blinker. The drink was first mentioned in Patrick Gavin Duffy’s 1934 The Official Mixer’s Manual but was resurrected in Ted Haigh’s wonderful Vintage Spirits & Forgotten Cocktails. It is another simple and elegant concoction, calling for rye whiskey, grapefruit and either grenadine or, even better, fresh raspberry syrup. Again, use a yellow variety here for balance.

And speaking of easy, a great drink to bust out at a gathering for a lot of people is the Paloma, pretty much the only “cocktail” you’ll find in Mexico. (No, the locals do not drink Margaritas.) In its homeland, this ubiquitous highball is made with a sickeningly sweet grapefruit soda called Squirt. But when made with fresh grapefruit juice and topped with sparkling water, the result is one of the most refreshing drinks you’ll ever try.

Grapefruit also matches beautifully with Aperol, Campari and some bitter Italian amari, as well as almost all spirits, proving that it might actually be the most versatile citrus fruit out there. Now show it some respect and make these drinks!

Of Course There's a Juice ATM in Los Angeles - Recipes

- Chatlog Conviction -
File originally posted on 1/4/2007 5:41 PM PST [Link to File]
Report made 1/4/2007 6:12 PM PST

Well, it didn't quite work out like that, for ol' Brandon.

And 2007 starts off pretty quickly with a conviction. Brandon Williams arrived at our Long Beach sting operation and was arrested for trying to meet and make a girlfriend out of an ELEVEN year old decoy. Yeah, quite creepy.

He will receive five years probation, time served, sixty days of Caltrans, and registration as a sexual offender. It is what we call the "Long Beach Special." One judge is hearing all the cases and due to discretionary sentencing, is giving pretty much the same sentence to everyone, whether they came for a 14 year old or an 11 year old.

Nothing we can do about that except compare and contrast it to other California arrests we've had where almost every other predator has gotten between 3 months to 5 years in jail. Once again, discretionary sentencing gives all the power to the judge. If you don't like sentences like this as a reader, remember the term "discretionary sentencing" when you see ballot measures removing it.

Notes from the Contributor, Tyrone

Brandon Williams originally found my persona while I was "trolling" for our Petaluma, CA sting operation. While he was unable to travel and meet the fine LEO's in Petaluma, he did drive a considerable distance to meet our LEO friends in Long Beach, CA.

Brandon did what many do, he initiated contact with a random webcam invite, he wasn't patient enough to wait for "Lily" to accept that invite and started IM'ing me. As expected, upon accepting his invite I was met with a close up of his exposed genitals via his web cam. Though quickly given the age of "almost 12", Brandon continued to broadcast himself in this manner for nearly AN HOUR to 11 year old "Lily".

There had been some skepticism that an 11 year old female would be hit on, "Lily" had a very developed online personality, thanks to our Content Creators and therefore blended easily on the web with the thousands of real children her age that are out there, maybe even your own. He encouraged her to tell her friends about their "relationship", he posted revealing comments about their "relationship" on her MySpace. He's an example of just how careless some of these predators are. A 26 year old man openly flirting with his 11 year old "girl friend", thinking nothing of it.

Luckily "Lily" wasn't a real 11 year old girl. What "Lily" is . is a reminder to parents out there to monitor their childrens online activities. If you see something that seems out of place, talk to them, perhaps review the PeeJ Tour for Parents, trust your gut. Brandon was bold, Brandon was brazen, Brandon was obscene and determined. Now Brandon is convicted, sentenced, a probationer and a registered sex offender.

This is our 122nd conviction since June of 2004 and our 1st conviction of the year for 2007! Of course, we expect that number to grow quickly, as we are anticipating having more convictions this year than the 81 convictions we had for 2006.

Number of predators convicted due to since June 2004:

623 Chatlog Convictions: 622
Research Convictions: 1

Lemon farming on the Amalfi Coast has always been linked to the Aceto family, who have been operating for five generations. "Salvatore Quasimodo, do you know what he said? That we Amalfitans don't notice when we go to Paradise because we've already spent a lifetime there." Luigino Aceto (known as Gigino) is 84 years old, and he laughs as he freely quotes the Sicilian poet who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1959.

Along with his two sons, Gigino Aceto is the owner of Azienda Agricola Salvatore Aceto, the renowned farm founded in 1825 by Gigino's ancestor. Nowadays, they are specialized in the organic cultivation of a particular type of lemon, the Sfusato Amalfitano, unique in the world for the quality and organoleptic characteristics – also known as L'Oro di Amalfi.

Luigino Aceto (ph Sabrina Rossi)

Today, it's my turn. I'm on my way with Gigino Aceto to pick lemons at sunrise, sporting a leather belt equipped with shears. Gigino lists the various types of lemons he cultivates, like a grandfather citing the names of his grandchildren. The majority of the production concerns the Lemons Costa d'Amalfi PGI in the varieties: Sfusato Amalfitano, Zagara Bianca, Verdello. There are also the Cedro Profumato d'Amalfi, the Ponziro, and the Limone Gigante.

Sara Tieni picking lemons (ph Sabrina Rossi)

We begin to work in this Garden of Eden by moving the chestnut poles used to build the pergolas that help the trees rest their branches while also sheltering them from the elements. The lemon trees must be carefully supervised, protected with plastic sheets from hailstorms. "Here, there are grafted plants up to 280 years old. When one of them dies, we mourn. On the other hand, there 500-year-old lemon trees in another grove, 230-feet high, overlooking the port of Amalfi."

The Amalfi Lemons (ph Sabrina Rossi)

We move to the upper grove to admire the rare giant lemons that are almost as large as melons. Though the view is breathtaking, there's no room for distraction. Lemon farming on the Amalfi Coast has been rightly defined as Agricoltura Eroica (Heroic agriculture) because all the cultivation is located on vertical soils, which thin out from the hills of the Lattari Mountains to the sea.

"The lemon trees must be continually cleared of wild grass," Gigino chimes in, inviting me to imitate him. I raise my gaze and above me, I see rows of intertwined branches laden with ready-to-pick lemons. I start by dressing properly because "you have to protect yourself from thorns," Gigino warns me, showing me the "war" wounds on his head and hands. He treats them with lemon juice. "It's miraculous," although, he admits, a little painful. A very personal homeopathic remedy valid for everything, "including stomach problems," he adds.

Smiling and dusty, Gigino is a true local legend: it's no coincidence that he was named a "Living Heritage of Humanity" by the European University Center for Cultural Heritage in 2018. This man is a treasure within a treasure - the Amalfi Coast is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Aceto family is the promoter and founder of the Consortium for the Protection of the Amalfi Coast IGP Lemon, which is dedicated to "promoting and disseminating this product's unique characteristics of excellence among consumers, traders, professionals, media and tour operators. " For his numerous activities in the field of limonicultura, Gigino Aceto has been awarded the titles of Official Knight of the Republic and Cavaliere del Lavoro (Order of the Merit for Labor).

But I shouldn't be distracted: the branches have to be pruned now. The passata, or harvesting of the largest fruits, begins in February and continues until August or September. Once the fruit is loaded into the baskets, we place them in boxes that reach the valley via a pulley system. I'm thirsty, so they give me a limone scoperchiato, which is a lemon stripped of its pulp and filled with water and wine — "the pickers use it as a glass," I am told. They also eat the peel, which is sweet and aromatic as soon as it is picked. Balancing on a ladder, I pick fruit the entire morning.

Chef Stanzione with Sara Tieni (ph Sabrina Rossi)

Where will all those glorious lemons end up? From Limoncello, the Amalfi Coast's signature liqueur, to all over the world. I hand over part of the harvest to Giuseppe Stanzione, the chef at another Amalfi institution, the five-star luxury hotel Santa Caterina. With a spectacular view of the Gulf of Salerno, Santa Caterina was founded in 1904 by the Gambardella family, famous hoteliers on the Coast. This magical place was recently enriched by a plantation of 500 lemon trees and a vegetable garden, both organic. Here, Amalfi Coast lemons are definitely the star of the table: Tagliolini Bianchi e Neri al Limone Amalfitano has been on the menu of Glicine, the hotel's gourmet restaurant, for over 40 years. Lemon zest, pulp, and juice are also used in the Al Mare restaurant's delicious dishes. Located on a terrace, the restaurant is so close to the water that you can smell not only the perfume of the Sfusati lemons but also the aroma sapphire blue of the sea.

Browse the photo gallery for more about the amazing Amalfi Lemons!


“Junipero Gin is particularly great in a G&T, which is a perfect cocktail to make when you’re quarantined, by the way. It’s just two nonperishable ingredients—plus whatever fresh or creative garnishes you have at your disposal.” —Katie Stryjewski, cocktail blogger (@garnish_girl)

Ingredients :

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In Palm Springs, A Historic Hotel Re-Emerges For The Coachella Era

Method : Combine gin and kiwi berries in a glass and muddle lightly. Fill glass with ice and top with tonic water. Sprinkle in peppercorns and stir gently. Garnish with kiwi berries and edible flowers.

The Every Day Gourmet, South Carolina


“I believe that cocktails should be easy to make and that they taste best when the ingredients are fresh. When combined with a simple syrup, a good bourbon, and fresh mint, it makes the perfect summer cocktail. It’s bold, but smooth: a good stiff cocktail that just might help to chase away the social distancing blues. You can have the juice delivered and then add mint to your grocery pick-up order. Make the simple syrup with granulated sugar and water. What can be easier than that? This cocktail is a fresh new twist on an old classic.” —Kim Daniels, professional food photographer and recipe developer, owner of The Every Day Gourmet in Camden, South Carolina

3 oz. Natalie’s orange-beet juice

1–2 oz. Jefferson’s Very Small Batch Bourbon

Mint or orange slices for garnishing

Method: Fill a 12 oz. glass (approximate) or mint julep cup with crushed ice. Add in orange-beet juice, bourbon, and mint simple syrup. Top with club soda. Stir to combine. Garnish with mint leaves or an orange slice—or both. Makes one drink.

*For the Mint Simple Syrup: In a small saucepan, combine 1 cup sugar, 1 cup water, and ½ cup mint. Bring to a boil, stirring constantly to dissolve sugar, and then remove from heat. Let the mixture steep for 15 minutes. Strain it into a bottle or jar. Refrigerate for up to 2 weeks.


“The old fashioned is a cocktail typically made by muddling sugar with Angostura bitters, then adding alcohol (originally whiskey), and a twist of citrus. But you can substitute whatever spirit or garnish you prefer (or have available) to customize this cocktail. I incorporated my favorite spirit, tequila, for a Mexican take on the old fashioned for summer. I had no idea that another spirit could be swapped for whiskey and still constitute an old fashioned—let alone tequila! I love fresh grapefruit with my tequila, so I immediately fell in love with this take. It’s also incredibly easy to make.” —John Philp Thompson, blogger at Risky Jackal (@johnphilp3)


2 dashes Angostura bitters

Method: Add ingredients to an ice-filled mixing glass. Stir well. Strain into an ice-filled rocks glass. Express the oils from the grapefruit rind over the drink, then use as garnish.


“Time to transport yourself out of quarantine with just one sip of this summer sunset cocktail. My travels to Mexico inspired this recipe. And I thought, especially during this time, there’s no better way to ‘escape’ than through sipping this gorgeous umbrella cocktail. I’ve been making simple but fun cocktails at home d uring this crazy time— and this one only has three ingredients. The base spirit is Seagram’s Extra Smooth Vodka—an American-made and affordable brand—combined with pink grapefruit juice and grenadine. Even though we are in quarantine, we can still celebrate summer with fun umbrella cocktails. Cheers!” —Natalie Migliarini, founder of Beautiful Booze


2 oz. of Seagram’s Extra Smooth

Grapefruit and umbrella garnish

Method: Add grenadine to a highball glass. In a separate shaker, add grapefruit juice and Seagram’s Extra Smooth with ice. Shake and strain over fresh ice into the highball glass with grenadine. Garnish with a grapefruit slice and umbrella.


“Haku is perfectly soft and supple with a delicate hint of sweetness thanks to the base ingredient (rice) and the bamboo charcoal filtration process. I love mixing simply with this vodka and Walk Softly is one of my favorite light and refreshing cocktails. A yuzu-imbued Japanese saké complements the rice-based vodka while introducing a bright and citrusy-note. The Champagne—if you don't have it, that’s ok, but may I venture to say that this cocktail is a great excuse to get a bottle for sipping and mixing! Please note that this cocktail is easily scaled up. Mix ingredients in that crystal cocktail pitcher sitting your shelf and treat yourself with this simple summer stunner.” —Julia Momose, partner and creative director at Kumiko, Chicago


0.75 part Dolin dry vermouth

0.5 part yuzushu (yuzu sake)

1.5 parts Haku Japanese vodka

Method: Combine in a shaker tin. Shake until chilled and aerated. Fine strain into a chilled coupe. Finish with a splash of Champagne and a lemon twist.


“Quarantine means essentially, to be isolated. When the word isolation comes up, there are only two things that come to my mind: Isolating to players on a basketball court so they can go at it one-on-one or being on a private island drinking piña coladas by the shore. Obviously, everyone wants the latter, so I decided to do a riff on a piña colada with a personal twist. As a kid raised by my Dominican grandmother while mom was working, my grandmother would make me and my sister a creamsicle-like slushy on those unbearable summer days in New Jersey. Having limited ingredients at home but wanting to feel like I’m elsewhere, I came up with the idea of Smoke & Mirrors by using canned coconut milk, sugar, fresh orange and lemon juice to mimic that creamsicle flavor. The notes of honey, vanilla, and nutmeg in Johnnie Walker Red Label pair perfectly with these ingredients to give you a bold tasting creamsicle or a smoked piña colada. Up to you how you’d like to enjoy as long as you do so responsibly. Cheers!” —Richard Mejia, head bartender at Broken Shaker, Miami Beach, Florida

Ingredients :

1.5 oz Johnnie Walker Red Label

Method : In a shaker, shake all ingredients with ice. Strain into a cocktail glass over ice. Garnish with an orange slice


“This is the perfect cocktail to make while being stuck at home during this quarantine. It utilizes several simple ingredients everyone should already have in their home. Frozen fruit, cucumber, sugar, and citrus. Starward Australian Whisky is easy to find, along with St-Germain. Both are readily available in most liquor stores throughout the country. The drink reminds me of my childhood, growing up in the South—sitting on my front porch watching the rainfall on a hot summer evening. We grew up picking fresh blueberries and strawberries every summer. My mother would make fresh blueberry-iced tea—and I'm pretty sure she spiked hers with whiskey! Sipping on this cocktail took me right back to those summers in the South, running barefoot in the rain with my brother and sister while my parents got wasted on the front porch. And it certainly took my mind off being stuck inside on my couch with Netflix yet again. The word that came to mind was ‘easy.’ Thus the name.” —William Talbott, beverage manager at The Standard, High Line, New York City


1.5 oz. Starward Two-Fold Whisky

Method: Muddle the cucumber wheel in a shaker. Add the remaining ingredients with ice. Shake and fine-strain into a rocks glass over cubed ice. Garnish with a cucumber ribbon.

*For the Blueberry Syrup: Toast 1 cinnamon stick on a pan until aromatized. Add to pot filled with 1 cup frozen blueberries, 2 or 3 frozen whole strawberries, 1 cup white sugar, and 2 cups water. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat, stirring occasionally. Reduce heat and let simmer for ten minutes. Allow syrup to cool for several hours, then fine-strain through a chinois or cheese cloth. Keep refrigerated for up to one week.


“Do you ever buy a container pre-cut assorted fruit variety for the summer? I always eat my favorites and am left with the underrated Cantaloupe and honeydew melons. This is the perfect melon-forward summer cocktail to utilize the forgotten refrigerator fruits!” —Kait Whitenack, cultural ambassador at Bulleit


0.5 oz. simple syrup (agave, honey, or any sweetener on hand will do!)

Lavender sprig (from garden, for garnish!)

Method: Place all ingredients into a tin shaker with ice (feel free to substitute with any fruit you have lying around)! Shake it like a Polaroid picture until the ice is nice and smashed. Double strain the cocktail into a rocks glass. I added crushed ice for the supreme summertime feel. Garnish with lavender or your garden favorite and enjoy!


“I first made this drink for Earth Day, because of Novo Fogo cachaca’s commitment to sustainability but also because the drink and color itself screams summer. It’s made with ingredients that you can find at the local liquor store, but also what’s interesting about it is the contrasting flavors of the bitter Aperol with the sweetness of Cherry Heering play really well together with the complementary flavors of cachaça and lime juice. The drink in general takes me back to my childhood in Colorado, where I grew up playing and fighting with my siblings on a regular basis—much like the ingredients. We’d be fighting one minute over something and the next we’ll be hugging and laughing like nothing ever happened.” —Lucinda Sterling, managing partner at Middle Branch and Seaborne, New York City


1 oz. Novo Fogo Silver Cachaça

0.75 oz. Cherry Heering liqueur

Method: Combine all ingredients into a shaker with ice. Shake vigorously until very cold and strain into a cocktail coupe. Garnish with a lime wedge or wheel and enjoy.


“This cocktail is the perfect sipper for summer quarantining at home whether you’re with a roomie, a loved one, or alone! Personally, I love the flavor of strawberry but I can’t eat the actual fruit—it’s a long story that involves emergency dental surgery. Now I can only enjoy the flavor in drinks. And strawberries are abundant and delicious during these months. It’s the perfect ingredient and readily available, even during quarantine, at the grocery store. All of these ingredients scream summertime to me. My usual drink is El Tesoro blanco or reposado neat with a little ‘rosé-back,’ as I like to call it. So this is also a comfort drink for me. It’s important to have things that bring a small measure of comfort and joy during these tough times and this cocktail is definitely that for me!” —Cari Hah, bar manager at Big Bar, Los Angeles


2 parts El Tesoro Reposado

1–2 fresh strawberries washed hulled and cut into halves

Garnish: a cocktail coupe rimmed with sugar-and-salt rim

Method: Prep the glass by running a lime wedge around the top of the cocktail coupe, then dip the coupe into a mixture of sea salt and sugar (about half and half) to rim the top of the glass. Set aside. Muddle the strawberries in the bottom of a shaker add all the liquid ingredients to shaker. Fill the shaker with ice and shake until chilled. Double strain into the rimmed cocktail coupe and Enjoy!

*For the Rosé Syrup: Mix 2 parts of your favorite rosé with 2 parts of granulated sugar. Mix until dissolved.


“I love the Ferrand Dry Curaçao for the silky texture and the real citrus flavor without the cloying sweetness of other curaçaos. To me it tastes like the smell of peeling fresh oranges and to that point, what separates a good margarita from a bad margarita is how fresh it tastes. To me I find that if I'm going to drink a margarita it's because I'm looking for something refreshing and citric and the Ferrand Curaçao helps in achieving both.” —PJ Wagner, liquor chef at The Northcott Liquorette, Naperville, Illinois


0.5 oz. Ferrand Dry Curaçao

0.75 oz. agave or flavored syrup (mango and vanilla cucumber and cilantro)

Method: Shake all ingredients. Fine strain and serve up or over ice. Garnish with lime peel.


“Sometimes the simplest recipe can be the most satisfying. That’s the case with the Sagamore Seltzer, a perfect warm-weather cocktail that only calls for three ingredients you probably already have at home. This is an especially good choice for hard seltzer fans looking for something a little stronger this summer—or for anyone looking to keep the calorie count low.” —Rachel Fontana, employee No. 2 and cocktail expert at Sagamore Spirit, Baltimore member at Women Who Whiskey


2 oz. Sagamore Spirit rye whiskey

Squeeze of fresh orange juice

0.5 oz. simple syrup (optional)

Method: Mix 2 ounces of Sagamore Spirit Signature Rye Whiskey with your favorite seltzer. Pour over a Collins glass filled with ice. Add a citrus garnish of your choosing.


“Cucumber, sea salt, and a bitter aperitivo like Aperol are unexpected but simply perfect companions in flavor. I wanted to created a memorable twist on a spritz as I so often aim to do. This one is bubbly, bitter, and a touch savory. While pregnant, I enjoyed cucumbers and salt as a snack—I added the Aperol as soon as I could imbibe again!” —Amanda Victoria, founder of Aperitif Hour


3 parts Fever-Tree Refreshingly Light Cucumber

Method: Add Aperol to a highball glass, add ice, and top with Fever-Tree Refreshingly Light Cucumber. Garnish with thin cucumber slices and a crack of sea salt.


“This punch recipe is mildly sweet and nicely boozy—combining refreshing, light, and fruity flavors all while bringing the ambiance of summer right to your glass. Not only is it easy to make, but this recipe calls for readily accessible ingredients you may already have in your pantry! Argonaut’s bright and fruit-forward notes make it a personal favorite to add to any seasonal cocktail: It celebrates both warm weather and the approaching summer season.” —Scott Richardson, Argonaut national brand ambassador


24 oz. Argonaut brandy of choice

Method: Add ingredients into a punch bowl with large ice cubes and stir together to combine. Garnish each cocktail with a fresh pineapple, a brandied cherry or fine Amarena cherry, and a lime wheel.


“ There’s nothing more civilized than an ice-cold martini. And when you’ve been in the same hoodie for a month, you could most certainly use some civility. We also need things to be accessible and convenient—and this recipe could not be any easier to prepare. The Dukes' martini is the quintessential undiluted freezer martini. But I prefer this more balanced version of a 50:50 martini. It allows the navy strength gin to equally share the workload with a nice vermouth. If you don’t have these two ingredients at home, check with your favorite local cocktail bar and see if they are offering spirits for sale via delivery or pickup. ” —Houston Eaves, beverage director at The Esquire Tavern, San Antonio, Texas


750 ml. bottle of navy strength gin (like Hayman’s Royal Dock)

1 bottle of dry vermouth (recommended: Dolin Dry)

Castelvetrano olives (optional)

Method: Wash hands for 20 seconds! Empty half of one bottle into a clean measuring cup, pour half of the other bottle into that bottle to fill it, and then what's in the measuring cup back in the other bottle to fill that one. Put both full bottles in the freezer. Wait a couple hours, then pour yourself a martini. Express the oil of a lemon peel over the drink for enhanced aromatics. ( Optional: enjoy some castelvetrano olives on the side—or add some olive juice to your mix to taste.)


“The elderflower sour is the perfect refreshing cocktail for summer sipping. It’s also low-ABV. The sourness of the lime and orange bitters is complemented by the fruit-forward, citrus, and floral flavors of St-Germain elderflower liqueur for a balanced and fresh taste. And, with only four ingredients, this incredibly delicious cocktail is also super easy to make!” —Earlecia Gibb, brand ambassador at St-Germain

Ingredients :

2 oz. St-Germain Elderflower Liqueur

1 oz. freshly squeezed lime juice

0.25 oz. pasteurized egg white

1 dash orange bitters (optional)

Method: Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into another shaker. Shake again without ice and strain into ice-filled glass.


“This cocktail is tropical, refreshing, and balanced. Apathy can typically be viewed as negative—but because all these ingredients shine so brightly on their own, they do a great job pairing together without even knowing it.” —Tony Juarez, mixologist at Masters Kitchen and Cocktail, San Diego, California

Ingredients :

2 oz. Denizen Aged White 3 Year Rum

3 salted watermelon chunks

Method: Mix all ingredients in a shaker. Pour into a tiki mug and top with crushed ice. Garnish with a lemon wheel or a pineapple frond.

Tony’s Pizza Napoletana, San Francisco

“The Rosa reminds me of an elevated Paloma—using blanco tequila, Campari, Italicus Rosolio di Bergamotto liqueur, and fresh grapefruit juice. It’s a cocktail that’s easy to make at home, but sure to impress. Also: The grapefruit juice really gives it that summer feel.” —Elmer Mejicanos, bar manager at Tony’s Pizza Napoletana, San Francisco


0.5 oz. Italicus Rosolio di Bergamotto

2 oz. fresh grapefruit juice

Method: Add all ingredients into a shaker. Add ice. Shake really hard for about 9 seconds. Strain into a Collins glass and top with ice. Garnish with a grapefruit slice and enjoy!


“The Manhattan is one of those classic cocktails of which its versatility makes it so seductive. Spirit forward, but sweet and balanced, this 3-part cocktail can be done with any number of substitutions for both the spirit and the cordial. Equal parts delicious, whether based with Mezcal, Rye, Tequila or Bourbon, you can also mess around with amaro and in place of the sweet vermouth (depending on the spirit you choose). While many of us crave to ignite our senses these days as we are stuck at home, few things will be as satisfying as finding your 'sweet spot' with The Manhattan.” —Sean Parson, bar director at La Esquina, New York City


2 oz. Doña Vega Espadín Mezcal

1 oz. sweet vermouth (we like Dolin)

3 dashes Angostura bitters

Method: Mix all ingredients in a shaker and add ice. Stir for 15 rotations and strain into desired glass. Can be served “up” or on the rocks. Garnish with a charred orange peel, maraschino cherry, or a brandy cherry.


“When I was writing my book, I did so in stints 6 to 9 hours at a time. My favorite thing was a cocktail to reward myself when done. This one is meant to be crushable and vibrant and refreshing and rewarding. Celebratory and tart!” —Ivy Mix, author of Spirits of Latin America, cofounder at Leyenda, New York City


1.5 parts El Tesoro Blanco

0.75 part grapefruit juice

1 part Topo Chico Twist of Grapefruit

Method: Muddle lime juice, salt and superfine sugar in a ball jar. Add ice and other ingredients except for Topo Chico shake and strain into a glass. Top with Topo Chico Grapefruit and enjoy.


“Nothing tempers the heat of summer quite like a spritz and citrus. Cool, light, and refreshing, the citrus spritz provides a bubbly thirst-quenching reminder that summer is still a season to relax and enjoy time with friends (even through Zoom or the phone). I find it perfect for summer quarantine life, since it reminds me of life before COVID-19. Its ingredients are easy to find and it calls for time and patience to create—a welcome project for cocktail enthusiasts in need of a DIY project.” —Miki Nikolic, bar director at The Double Dealer, New Orleans, Louisiana


2.5 oz. homemade limoncello*

Method: In a wine glass filled with ice, combine ingredients and stir until cold, garnish with lemon twist.

*For the Homemade Limoncello: Combine peel of fifteen lemons with two 750 ml. bottles of 100 proof vodka. (Cut off white pith from lemons, cut them in small chunks, and add to vodka.) Let it sit for four weeks. After four weeks, add four cups to four cups of boiling water. Let it cool off and add it to mixture. Stir and let it sit for another four weeks. After four weeks, strain and enjoy.


“As summer comes rolling in, I can't help but think of the late-night cookouts, days by the beach, and sunny days in Mexico that I’m missing while in quarantine. So, I created the drink Por la Playa (which translates to: For/By the Beach) to give you a summertime taste no matter where you are. This drink was inspired from a love of grapefruit soda as a child—something commonly found in Mexican culture when thinking of cooling down on a hot day. I chose to use El Tesoro Reposado, which has spice and mint notes from its aging in bourbon barrels, to brighten up the syrups, while the vanilla notes of the tequila complement the pineapple.” —Jose Gonzalez, bar lead at Midnight Rambler and cofounder of Los Tlacuaches Collective, Dallas, Texas


0.25 parts pineapple syrup*

1 Fresh pineapple (or pineapple juice) and granulated sugar

0.25 parts grapefruit fruit oleo* (2 grapefruits + 100g granulated sugar)

2 parts El Tesoro Reposado

1 part Club Soda (approximately—used to top with)

Method: Add El Tesoro Reposado, pinch of salt, pineapple syrup, and grapefruit oleo to shaker. Top with ice and shake. Strain into a glass with ice. Top with club soda. Garnish with pineapples leaves and grapefruit twist.

*For the Pineapple Syrup: While using pineapple juice and mixing in equal parts sugar is easiest, a fresh pineapple could be used for 2 or 3 purposes! Method 1: First, juice the pineapple and weigh out juice. Mix equal parts juice with granulated sugar. Strain and bottle keep the pineapple crown for garnish. Method 2: Juice pineapple and set aside. Keep the rinds and put in small pot add enough water cover an inch above the pineapple. Boil for 5-8 minutes, then let simmer for 45 minutes, macerating occasionally. Strain and weigh out juice. Mix equal parts with sugar and bottle. Keep the crown for garnish.

*For the Grapefruit Oleo: Peel 2 grapefruits (About 50 grams) and add 100 grams sugar to Ziplock bag. Remove air and let set overnight. Add 60 grams of hot water and massage bag. Strain and bottle.

The 12 Best Variations of the Classic Moscow Mule Recipe

Like many classic cocktails, there's some debate over the provenance of the Moscow Mule: it might have been the creation of John G. Martin, an executive at the Heublein drinks company and LA pub owner Jack Morgan in the early 1940s as a vehicle for Martin's newly acquired rights to Smirnoff vodka, or possibly it was the invention of one of Morgan's bartenders, Wes Price it might have been imagined in New York before debuting in Los Angeles. Nonetheless, one thing is clear&mdashthe closest the Moscow Mule has ever been to Russia is a Smirnoff bottle.

That doesn't mean we love this bright, bubbly concoction of ginger beer, vodka, and lime any less, of course, but it does make it a little easier to give yourself permission to play with the formula. With that inspiration, we've rounded up some of the most delectable examples of Moscow Mules that stray from the path to give your copper mugs the workout they deserve.


2 oz Reyka Vodka
1 oz ginger beer
2 oz apple cider
.25 oz simple syrup


Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker, except ginger beer. Shake, and double strain into a mule cup. Add ginger beer and garnish with cinnamon stick and apple slice.

By Trevor Schneider, National Reyka Vodka Ambassador


1 oz Glenlivet
.5 oz lemon juice
.5 oz Pandan syrup*
4 oz Fever-Tree ginger beer


Pour the first three ingredients in a Collins glass and add 5 large cubes of ice. With a bar spoon, stir for a few seconds to integrate. Pour the ginger beer over the top and give one quick stir. Garnish with a pandan leaf.

*Pandan syrup: Steep 10 pandan leaves in 1 liter of boiling water for 15 min. Add equal parts granulated sugar and stir until dissolved.

By Paul McGee of Lost Lake in Chicago


2 oz Belle Isle Moonshine
.25 oz fresh lime juice
.25 ginger syrup*
Ginger beer to top


Add all ingredients except ginger beer to a shaker tin with ice and shake. Strain into a glass with fresh ice. Top with ginger beer and stir. Garnish with a lime wheel and ginger candy

*Ginger Syrup: In a medium sauce pan, bring 5 quarts water and 1 lb ginger root to a boil. Simmer for 30-45 minutes until ginger is fork tender. Remove from heat. In a food processor, blend ginger and water. Fine strain into a medium sauce pan. Add 5 lbs sugar and turn on low heat. Stir until sugar and ginger mix is completely incorporated with no sugar crystals (about 10 minutes.) Remove from heat and let cool before use.


2 oz Ancho Reyes Chile Liqueur
6 oz ginger beer
.5 oz lime juice


Build all ingredients into a Collins glass and garnish with a lime wheel.

By Camille Austin, National Ancho Reyes Ambassador


2 oz Milagro Reposado
.5 oz lime juice
.75 oz pineapple syrup*
5-6 cilantro leaves
Topped with ginger beer


Combine ingredients, except ginger beer, in a cocktail shaker. Add ice, shake and pour over fresh ice into a Collins glass. Top with ginger beer and garnish with a cilantro bouquet.

*Pineapple syrup: Combine 4 cups cane sugar and 2 cups water and stir. Add the fruit from 1 small fresh pineapple, skinned and cubed, to the sugar mixture and let stand for 24 hours. Remove the pineapple cubes, lightly pressing them with a hand juicer (or other method to squeeze juice into mixture). Stir to dissolve residual sugar and pour the resulting syrup through a strainer or funnel into a bottle.

By Jaime Salas, National Milagro Ambassador


1.5 oz Vida mezcal
.5 oz cucumber-orange syrup*
.5 oz lime juice
2 dashes jalapeño tincture**


Combine all, shake until chilled, strain into mule mug or rocks glass, garnish with cucumber ribbon.

*Cucumber-orange syrup: Pulp 3 cucumbers in a food processor until they are pulverized. Add the zest of 2 oranges, pour into a large container and add 3 quarts of sugar and 2 quarts of hot water, stir to dissolve. Let sit for 24 hours in fridge, then strain through chinois.

**Jalapeño tincture: Wearing gloves, chop 4 fresh jalapeños and put them (including seeds) in a nonreactive container with 1 cup of vodka. Let sit for 24 hours, then fine strain and store in fridge.

By Alex Howell of Easy Bistro & Bar


1 oz Letherbee Gin
1 oz Aperol
.75 oz lime
.5 oz raspberry syrup*
3 oz ginger beer
2-3 dashes Angostura bitters


Combine all ingredients with ice in a copper mug with ice and stir gently.

*Raspberry syrup: Simmer 2 cups of fresh or frozen raspberries with one cup water. Strain the raspberry liquid being sure to push as much juice as possible from the berries. While the mix is still hot, blend one cup of white sugar until fully dissolved. Let chill before using.


2 oz The Botanist Gin
1 oz fresh squeezed lemon juice
1 oz ginger syrup
.25 oz mezcal
4 drops orange bitters
1 piece pickled ginger, for garnish


Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Add ice and shake. Strain into a coupe glass. Garnish with pickled ginger.


14 oz Ketel One Vodka
2 bottles Owens All Natural Mule Mix
7 oz blood orange purée
Slices of blood oranges, lemons, and limes, for garnish
Mint sprigs, for garnish
Rock candy, for garnish


Combine vodka, mule mix, and blood orange purée in a large mule mug (or other large vessel.) Add ice, sliced blood oranges, lemons, limes and stir.

By Phil Testa and Paola Marocchi at PHD Terrace in NYC


1.5 oz Fernet-Branca
Splash of lime juice
Ginger beer to top
Lime wedge for garnish


Pour all ingredients over ice.

By Jane Elkin from Dream Baby in New York, NY


1 oz Hornitos Black Barrel Tequila
.3 oz simple syrup
.3 oz lemon juice
1 sprig rosemary
Top with ginger beer


Lightly muddle rosemary in a glass. Combine remainder of ingredients except ginger beer in a shaker with ice. Shake vigorously and strain into the glass over fresh ice. Top with ginger beer.


2 oz bourbon
.75 oz lemon juice
.5 oz simple syrup
1 muddled strawberry
2 dashes Angostura bitters
Fever-Tree ginger beer


Muddle strawberry in shaker and add all other ingredients. Shake and strain into Collins glass and top with ginger beer. Garnish with a lemon twist.

Agoura Hills staple beer spot Ladyface hasn’t slowed down despite the increased competition nearby. The corner restaurant, brewery, and patio spot still turns out some of LA’s finest drinks, and all in a supremely cozy hillside environment.

With dozens of taps and plenty of hard-to-source beer, Glendale Tap has emerged as one of the city’s best beer bars over the past decade or so. The semi-hidden corner location also now welcomes in a variety of food pop-ups weekly, from pizza slices to burgers and beyond.

The Glendale Tap Matthew Kang

Carne Asada

“Carne asada is one of my all-time favorite dishes,” writes Trejo in his cookbook. “It’s easy to make, it uses affordable cuts of meat, and it’s delicious.” The marinade includes his secret ingredient: soy sauce. While not a traditional Mexican ingredient, it adds deep flavor. At Trejo’s Tacos, it is served on tacos (as shown here), in burritos, and in bowls with rice and black beans. Trejo also uses this delicious marinade to make sautéed mushrooms for a vegan version.

Danny Trejo's carne asada tacos. | Photo by Ed Anderson


  • ½ large white onion, roughly chopped
  • 3 canned chipotle chiles in adobo sauce, plus 2 tablespoons sauce
  • 2 medium jalapeños, roughly chopped
  • 6 cloves garlic
  • ½ cup roughly chopped fresh cilantro
  • ¾ cup orange juice (preferably fresh)
  • ½ cup olive oil
  • ¼ cup soy sauce
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • 1 tablespoon ground cumin
  • 1 tablespoon smoked paprika
  • 3 pounds flank, flap, or skirt steak


Combine all ingredients except steak in a food processor or blender puree. Transfer marinade to a large zip-top plastic bag or airtight container. Add steak, turning to coat. Seal bag or cover container. Refrigerate overnight.

Remove steak from marinade, letting excess drip back into bag or bowl. Place steak on a platter. Set aside at room temperature for 30 minutes.

Preheat a gas or charcoal grill to medium-high.

Grill steak 5 minutes or until charred. Turn and grill 5 minutes or until charred. Transfer to a cutting board and let rest 5 minutes before slicing crosswise and across the grain.

Sell It at a Discount


Consider this Airbnb for eats! Food for All, a digital app, allows restaurants to sell their available extra meals for a deep discount. Currently, in use in Boston and New York, establishments slash the cost (to the tune of 50 percent off) of dishes they know would otherwise get thrown out at the end of the night. Customers get a deal restaurants still make money.