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Ice cream with coffee and roasted hazelnuts

Ice cream with coffee and roasted hazelnuts

We put the milk on low heat. Mix the yolks with the sugar and coffee. When the milk is hot, slowly pour it over the yolk mixture and mix well, so as not to turn the ice cream into a delicious omelette with coffee :)) Put it on the fire (still small) and mix until the composition thickens, but without boiling it. Set it aside to cool.

Let's move on to the hazelnuts. If you do not have the (forest) hazelnuts ready fried, then heat the oven to 180 degrees, put the hazelnuts in a pan and leave them in the oven for a maximum of 10 minutes. You will perfume the whole house, guaranteed!

Okay, now that we also have fried hazelnuts, we throw them in the robot and grind them well.

We mix the ricotta a little until it becomes fluffy. Separately mix the whipped cream with a teaspoon of vanilla sugar, until it increases in volume. It doesn't have to be beaten.

In the composition with yolks and coffee we put ricotta, whipped cream and homogenize with a spatula. Add the roasted and ground walnuts and incorporate them with movements from bottom to top.

Prepare a casserole / tray for the freezer and pour the composition for the ice cream. Put the bowl in the freezer and mix twice more every hour, it's enough because it's a creamy ice cream of its kind;)

I don't have an ice cream machine, so I can't explain the procedure to be followed with its help, but certainly those of you who have a machine for this, know perfectly well how things work;)

While the ice cream is in the freezer, we can make the sauce, and even give it enough time to cool.

Put the milk on the fire, when it is heated add the sugar and the coffee and mix well until they are completely melted. Add the butter, mix until it melts, and leave it to cool.

Now we are ready with everything. When the ice cream is hard enough we can serve it with the greatest lust because it is worth it;)

The idea for this ice cream came to me from the coffee cheesecake. And I'm not sorry at all that I tried an ice cream in this style!


Macarons with coffee and hazelnuts

Ingredients for macarons:

  • 2 cups powdered sugar
  • 1 cup with peeled, roasted and finely ground hazelnuts
  • 3 tablespoons cocoa powder
  • 3 egg whites at room temperature
  • salt

Ingredients for coffee cream:

  • 1 cup dark chocolate, chopped
  • Half a cup of liquid cream
  • 1 tablespoon instant coffee

1. Prepare the baking trays by lining them with baking paper. In a bowl, mix the cup of powdered sugar, hazelnuts and cocoa for about 3 minutes until the mixture has a powdery consistency. Sift the mixture over a baking sheet through a medium-mesh sieve and set aside the pieces of hazelnuts that do not pass through the sieve.

2. Using a mixer, beat the egg whites with the salt for about 2 minutes, until the mixture is smooth. Gradually add the other cup of sugar, teaspoon by teaspoon and mix for 3 minutes, until the resulting mixture becomes shiny. Gently add the hazelnut composition over the egg whites using a large rubber spatula.

3. Transfer the mixture to a medium-sized pos with a tip of 1.27 cm. Pour the composition, in 32 shapes on each tray, with a width of 3 cm and a height of 1 cm, leaving space between them because they will increase their diameter. Set them aside to dry for 30 minutes before baking.

4. Meanwhile, prepare the cream. Put the chocolate in a medium heat-resistant bowl and in a small saucepan, boil the liquid cream and instant coffee. Pour the cream over the chocolate and gently shake the bowl so that the cream mixes with the chocolate. Set the mixture aside for about 5 minutes until the chocolate becomes soft. Then beat the mixture lightly, taking care not to form too many air bubbles. Leave the mixture at room temperature to cool.

5. Preheat the oven to 160 degrees Celsius. Bake the macarons until they grow and become hard, about 18-20 minutes. Be careful not to bake them too much, otherwise they will break. Let them cool for 5 minutes and carefully peel them off the baking paper. Then let them cool completely and spread a teaspoon of coffee cream on each macaroon and glue them together.

Chocolate With Ice Cream And Peanuts

1. To make the base, heat the butter in a small pan. Add the butter over the biscuits. Interfere. Press into a tray lined with baking paper. Cools.

2. Put the cream and milk in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Add the yolks and sugar together until the mixture is thick and pale. Gradually pour the hot milk mixture into the yolk mixture until it thickens. Return the mixture to a clean pan and simmer until the mixture reaches 84C on a kitchen thermometer.

3. Put the chocolate in a bowl, then pour the cream mixture and mix until the chocolate has melted and the mixture is smooth. Pour over the biscuit base. Leave for a few hours in a cool place.

4. For the ice cream, melt the sugar in a saucepan over medium heat and simmer, stirring the pan, for 3 minutes or until a caramel is formed. Add peanuts and a pinch of sea salt and mix. Pour onto a baking tray lined with baking paper and leave to cool in the freezer.

5. Remove the ice cream from the freezer and let it soften a bit. Cut the peanuts, stopping a little for the garnish. The rest of the peanuts are incorporated into the ice cream.

6. Cut the chocolate into 8 pieces. Serve each slice with a tablespoon of ice cream, then sprinkle with caramel peanuts.

Ice cream with coffee and roasted hazelnuts - Recipes

Very good ice cream parlor . Welcome to the world of artisanal ice cream, a traditional Italian dessert prepared with passion for you. The nutritional value of the product, its color and fine texture is due to its preparation from milk, natural cream, eggs and other natural ingredients. The ice cream is produced in our own laboratory, which is why we guarantee its quality and freshness.

for those who love chocolate, with a very clean taste of cocoa butter and milk

a rich and intense taste of chocolate and almonds of the famous American cake decorated with chocolate sauce and pieces of Brownie

intense and fresh taste, aroma specific to Tahitian vanilla

a natural ice cream and whipped cream decorated with a chocolate sauce and crispy pieces of cereal

an ice cream with a unique flavor that once you have tasted it you will not give up, whose recipe dates back to the early days of ice cream over the ice cream put a Williams pear sauce or a lemon sauce with crispy pieces of cereal

a very successful combination of milk ice cream and a soft chocolate and hazelnut sauce

of freshly fried arahclasse and caramel decorated with pieces of fried arahclasse and stracciatella

from fried Bronte-Sicily pistachio (pistachio paradise)

a classic combination of milk ice cream with stafclasse and rum

the taste of a well-known cocktail, a combination of coconut, pineapple and rum

the classic taste of rum chocolate

typical taste of white chocolate with a strong taste of cocoa butter, decorated with white chocolate sauce

a perfect combination of Mexican vanilla characterized by a typical French taste, with notes of butter and sauce with whole pieces of cherries

a natural ice cream and whipped cream decorated with a chocolate sauce that hardens on contact with cold ice cream, resulting in small pieces of chocolate chips

a sweet caramel taste that is decorated with caramel sauce "Dulce de leche"

a unique combination of milk ice cream with coconut and white chocolate over which is placed a white chocolate sauce and crispy pieces of fried coconut

Piedmont hazelnuts (forest)

fried Piedmontese ice cream

Buonissimo - the specialty of the house

a very successful combination of burnt sugar with crunchy pieces of almonds and hazelnuts, over which is placed a chocolate sauce with hazelnuts with crispy pieces of cupcakes

the taste of a famous Caribbean cocktail, a combination of lemon, mint and rum

a dark ice cream and intense aroma specific to chocolate with a lot of cocoa

obtained from vanilla pods with typical Bourbon vanilla aroma with delicate taste and butter notes

classic Neapolitan recipe, a combination of ricotta with pieces of candied fruit

produced from an Italian specialty of biscuits with "frollino" butter, over which is placed a chocolate sauce with pieces of "frollino", stracciatella, biscuits

specific taste of toffee candies (caramel, milk and butter) with caramel sauce "Dulce de leche"

a combination of milk and hazelnut chocolate, over which a chocolate sauce with pieces of hazelnuts is placed

Sorrento walnut ice cream, a very popular walnut in Italy

a classic Italian recipe from mascarpone, Savoiardi biscuits and coffee sprinkled with cocoa

an extremely successful ice cream, with an intense yoghurt taste over which various sauces are poured (strawberries, black cherry, apple with cinnamon, red currants, Williams pears, plums)

the classic taste of vanilla, cinnamon and caramelized sugar

a combination of milk ice cream and quality coffee from Africa

an extremely successful combination of almond-flavored praline ice cream, pistachio sauce and stracciatella

fresh green mint taste

the intense taste of high quality chocolate with a lot of cocoa with a creamy structure

Special ice cream arrangements

ice cream: Bourbon vanilla (2 servings), caramel (1 serving), fior di latte or stracciatella (1 serving), chocolate topping, pieces of fried peanuts, whipped cream

ice cream: chocolate (4 servings), chocolate topping, pieces of fried walnuts, whipped cream

Caramel ice cream (3 servings), Bourbon vanilla (1 serving), caramel topping, pieces of fried peanuts, whipped cream

ice cream: hazelnuts (1 serving), walnuts (1 serving), pistachios (1 serving), snicker’s (1 serving), roasted hazelnuts, walnut or hazelnut topping

ice cream: vanilla (2 servings), classic Italian (2 servings), passion fruit or mango topping, whipped cream

Bourbon vanilla ice cream (2 servings), Tahitian vanilla (2 servings), caramel topping, whipped cream

ice cream: chocolate (1 serving), vanilla (2 servings), strawberries (1 serving), banana, chocolate sauce, whipped cream

ice cream: berries (1 serving), exotic fruits (1 serving), local fruits (2 servings), cherry topping, whipped cream

buonissimo ice cream - burnt sugar with pieces of almonds and hazelnuts (4 servings), caramel sauce, fried almonds, whipped cream

ice cream: hazelnuts (2 servings), walnuts (2 servings), chocolate sauce, pieces of hazelnuts and walnuts

Kinder penguin ice cream (4 servings), chocolate topping, almond flakes, whipped cream

yogurt ice cream (4 servings), strawberry topping, whipped cream

ice cream: berries (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries - 4 servings), berry topping, whipped cream

ice cream: biscotto (2 servings), chocolate (2 servings), almond flakes, chocolate topping, tiramisu topping, whipped cream

  • If we omit the Briose cream with coffee, we have some very tasty muffins that last in the fridge for a few days.
  • If we replace the coffee with cocoa prepared in hot water, we can prepare these muffins for the sweet snack of the children or the package from school.
  • I added chocolate flakes to the composition, but you can also add raisins that you rehydrate first in warm water, with rum essence. You can also use coarsely chopped walnuts from the knife, dark chocolate, cranberries, candied fruit, almond flakes, etc.

  • In terms of cream, you can choose chocolate cream, which you prepare very simply - mascarpone and hazelnut cream. Or you can opt for a vanilla cream, for which you mix mascarpone, sweet cream and vanilla powdered sugar to taste.
  • From the same composition you can prepare cake, round cake of 23-25 ​​cm or bake it in the waffle maker.

Ingredients for 12 pieces of Muffins with coffee:

  • 3 eggs husband
  • 150g sugar cough Castello
  • 100ml Vita D’Or oil
  • 100ml Bellarom coffee, freshly prepared
  • 250g Belbake flour
  • a sachet of Belbake baking powder
  • a sachet of Belbake vanilla sugar
  • 50g chocolate flakes / raisins / nuts

Ingredients for chocolate cream:

Ingredients for vanilla cream:

  • 250g mascarpone Lovilio
  • 200ml sweet cream Pilos
  • 150g old vanilla powder Belbake

Frappe with ice cream

Although I heard many recipes for frappe and I tried some of them, I stayed with the one I liked the most: frappe with vanilla ice cream (learned from my dear friend Ioana, little mops)

I used:
& # 8211 4-5 ice cubes
& # 8211 2 teaspoons with Ness coffee tip
& # 8211 2 tablespoons sugar
& # 8211 3-4 tablespoons vanilla ice cream
& # 8211 150 ml of milk

In a shaker I put the ice cubes, the ness and 2 tablespoons of milk and I turned them on all sides until I got a ness paste. I poured the ness paste into the frappe glass, poured the milk over it and finally put the ice cream. Mix a little with the straw but only a little so as not to sink the ice cream.

That's about it, you can add more to your taste: cocoa ice cream, caramel topping or chocolate syrup, scrotum or whatever else will go through your mind.

Melt the butter with the sugar over low heat, then add the ness dissolved with a tablespoon of warm water and then let it cool for 10 minutes. Then follow the beaten eggs with rum essence, melted chocolate, hazelnuts and finally incorporate the flour mixed with salt and baking powder.

The ingredients are for a 23 cm square tray, but I baked the cake in one with a size of 30 & # 21523. So we cover a tray with baking paper, pour the composition which is quite consistent, level and bake for 20 minutes, not more, at 180 ° C.

Then let it cool completely and we can portion according to desire and imagination. They have a wonderful taste, a moist consistency and were to everyone's liking. Enjoy!

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Anni recipe: cockle and roasted coffee beans

Put butter in a bowl, add rosemary and thyme leaves, crushed garlic, lemon juice and salt and pepper to taste. Mix everything well and marinate the chicken coquelet on all sides and put it inside. Add another lemon and 1 rosemary and a few thyme leaves. Put in the oven tray and an onion cut into 4 pieces, 2 carrots, 2 cloves of garlic. Add olive oil. Put the cockle in the pan and put it in the preheated oven at 220 degrees for 10 minutes, then set the temperature to 180 degrees and leave for another 15-20 minutes. Remove and allow to cool in the pan.

Put a pot on the fire, add milk, put the cinnamon stick, anise star and ground coffee beans in a mortar. Bring everything to a boil, then slowly add the seeds and stir. Add the coffee essence, brown sugar and a pinch of salt. Leave on the fire and stir until the sauce becomes thicker. Drain everything in a bowl and let cool.

Put a pot of water on the fire with salt, put the Brussels sprouts to boil for 5 minutes, then take it out.

Put in a pan with a little olive oil. Add broccoli, baby carrots and Brussels sprouts and cherry tomatoes. Salt / pepper to taste. Fry for 6-7 minutes.

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Celery puree with roasted hazelnuts

When you think of puree, the most common puree that comes to mind is that of potatoes. But you can make puree from almost any boiled vegetable, and thus you have a lot of garnish variants for a meat for fish, or to enjoy as such.

The recipe we propose to you today is a mashed celery with potatoes, seasoned with roasted hazelnuts. Because celery is a fairly harsh vegetable in taste, it can be combined with potatoes. & Icircnsă if you like its taste, boiled as such, you can make simple puree, only from celery.

  • 1 large celery
  • 50 g roasted hazelnuts
  • salt
  • pepper
  • 100 g butter
  • 100 ml liquid cream
  • milk
  • 3-4 potatoes

Peel the potatoes and celery and boil them, cut into pieces, in salted water. When they have boiled, drain the water and pass through a mashing utensil. To be sure that the puree will be quite fine, pass it through a sieve, but do not use the blender or mixer.

Season with salt, pepper, pour the liquid cream and half the butter. Mix and add more milk to bring the puree to the desired consistency and creaminess.

Fry the hazelnuts until crispy. To serve the puree, place the melted butter on top of the puree and add the roasted hazelnuts.

You have to see it too.

Video: HUGE Coffee Creamer Review - Which Ones To Buy u0026 Avoid! (January 2022).